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The position of the planets today,
Friday, 20 September 2019,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Tropical zodiacSidT = 23 54 23
26° 44′ 53″
1° 36′
9° 35′
6° 43′
20° 54′
16° 48′
13° 55′
13° 42′
13° 41′
Sidereal zodiacAyanamsa = 24° 7′ 27″
2° 37′ 26″
7° 28′
15° 28′
12° 36′
26° 46′
22° 40′
19° 47′
19° 34′
19° 34′
19 September 2019
20 September 2019
21 September 2019

Lunar day of the Krishna Panchami Tithi

Very good day for many things: travel, acquisition of wealth and the giving of gifts, religious ceremonies, donning jewelry, meditation, study, acquiring occult knowledge, fasting, medical treatment and rehabilitation, the wedding. It is good to worship Saraswati. Bad day for a bad action, punishment.
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The lunar Calendar haircuts for 2017

The lunar Calendar haircuts for 2017

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The ratio of body parts with signs of the zodiac and houses of the horoscope
Exaltation and fall of planets

Exaltation and fall of planets

Fragment of the head, K. H. Rao, Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time: techniques and predictions
Ayurvedic tips for stress reduction

Ayurvedic tips for stress reduction

about how stress manifests itself in different disorders of the doshas and how to get rid of stress, balancing doshas
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Several ways to change the Mind without meditation

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Protective mantra from Snakes

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The Calculation Of The Lagna. A fragment of the book of Tom Chopok Vedic astrology

The Calculation Of The Lagna. A fragment of the book of Tom Chopok Vedic astrology

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Vedic astrology vs black magic

Vedic astrology vs black magic

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The nature of the nakshatras

The nature of the nakshatras

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A variety of predictive tools. The sah.

A variety of predictive tools. The sah.

The definition points are sensitive to any of the aspects of life

What is Jyotish?

Vedic astrology Jyotish was given to people by the goddess Lakshmi, goddess of abundance, prosperity, wealth, luck and happiness. The main tasks of this discipline is through the study of the influence of the planets and other celestial bodies in mind and body, to help the person:

Jyotish - Vedic astrology / Ganesha
  • to understand its true nature
  • to give proper education to children
  • to achieve financial stability
  • to overcome life's obstacles
  • find:
    • good health
    • beautiful body
    • family happiness
    • success in business
    • recognition in society

The symbol of Vedic Astrology is God Ganesha, depicted in the form of an Elephant. Lord Ganesha helps people overcome obstacles, so astrology, in addition to the predictions, and suggests ways to overcome obstacles and surevote fate.

Studying Vedic astrology?

Vedic astrology Jyotish studies the life of a person or the development of society in accordance with the relative position of the heavenly bodies. Over the years, the development of astrology was highlighted many areas that require special separate study. Here are some of them:

Jataka - Natal astrology

Vedic Natal astrology is the direction of Jyotish studies the relationship of the positions of the planets, observed at the time of birth in the place where he was born, with various events in the life of this man and is called astrology birth or Natal astrology, European astrology, and Jataka, or janma — on the Sanskrit. To Natal astrology consists of horoscopes, such as: horoscope for the year, love, birth horoscope.

Prashna - Horary astrology

Vedic Horary astrology explores how to relate to the particular location of planets at the time of job issue with the content of the answer to this question. Almost any question can be answered by constructing a horoscope calculated at the time when the question was asked. Answers to your questions You can get on the advice of the astrologer.

Muhurta - Elective astrology

Long known that the results of our actions depend on the configuration of the planets at the time when they were committed, and the particularly important point that I had the beginning of an action. Very important to be able to assess the effectiveness of actions taken in one time or another. For the elective astrology calendars include: lunar calendar, days for wedding.

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