The influence of astrology on the quality of life

Astrological view

many are against astrology and astrologers had the impression that their main task is the prediction of human destiny. This is true, but partly. Traditionally, the purpose of astrology is the direction of the person on the path of spiritual development. Based on planetary influences birthday horoscope and other horoscopes, reflecting the current position of the planets, the astrologer offers the native to make such a choice, which will be in harmony with the planetary influences and to contribute to the spiritual growth of a person.

In the ancient Vedic writings of "spiritual growth" or "spirituality" defined very simply. It is believed that everything in this world dwells in the three gunas (States): Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. "Place of higher Sattva, Rajas is mid, Tamas is low considering the highest Atman is called" - it is told in the Mahabharata. Under the spirituality of the ancients understood this human desire in its activity, which enhances its quality from Tamas to Rajas, from Rajas to Sattva. Of course in this aspiration, the ultimate goal is achievement and the best in the state of Sattva.

Astrologers believe that the whole life of man develops in accordance with planetary influences. However, they indicate that a person can choose which of the three States for him to arrive. In order to improve the quality of the native, the astrologers give some recommendations that allow to adjust the effect of the planets from harmful to neutral or benevolent, and thus to achieve the highest quality of Sattva. It should be understood that while in different States Nativ will be different to survive planetary impact. If the lower conditions of the planetary influence will bring only pain, loss and disappointment in the higher States of the same planetary influence will bring the events of the benevolent qualities.


the Classical understanding of the qualities

to understand how to achieve a state of Sattva, you should learn the explanation of all the three gunas (qualities), given in the Mahabharata:


  • Sattva is pleasure, abundance, grace, and clearness, Joy, purity, painless, contentment, faith,
  • well-being, lack of hustle, patience, firmness, nonviolence, Balance, truthfulness, innocence, gentleness, modesty, steadfastness,
  • Purity, rectitude, right conduct, nonchalance, heart self-discipline, the Lack of bragging when something is made without the "Want – not want"
  • Mercy through donations, caring for others in the absence of desire, Compassion for all beings – so said about the gunas (qualities) Sattva.


  • Meeting the guna (qualities) of Rajas is the beauty, the power, militancy, Gluttony, cruelty, dependence on joy in suffering,
  • pleasure from the censure of others, attachment to disputes, Selfishness, aggressiveness, mnogopartiinosti, food feud,
  • Sorrow, stealing, impudence, also naramata, Fullness, roughness, lust, wrath, as drunkenness, Pride, hatred, harshness in words – such is called the guna of Rajas.


  • And the collection of the gunas (qualities) of Tamas, I'll explain – notice: Apathy, neprovidnost, obrechennost and [what is] called great obrechennost.
  • great obrechennost called death, and obrechennost – anger. Other signs of Tamas: attachment to food,
  • Gluttony in eating, as well as the thirst for drink. Aromas, walking, lying, [empty] seat.
  • a NAP, spores and idleness pleasure, dancing, music, singing "trust" – through ignorance, And hatred of [the performance of] any [duties] of the Dharma are the gunas of Tamas.

to Improve the quality of life right now

That would change the quality of their lives moment to moment, you need to let in the life something new and follow through the improvement of the state in which You arrive. Of course it's not an easy path and certainly not the way one day, but You can start it right now. To do this simply. In the simplest case, You can follow the recommendations in Your individual horoscopes (horoscope year, lunar calendar) or contact the astrologer for advice, it will increase the quality of Your life in the social sphere and closer to spiritual realization.

Goodness to You!

article: The influence of astrology on the quality of life

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astrology and the quality of life

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