Vedic astrology vs black magic

the Problems or the danger of black magic

Black magic is one of the most terrible things facing Vedic astrology. The practice of black magic from ancient times was attractive and frightening. They are known for the fact that we are dealing with forces that cause harm and are beyond human understanding and beyond the obvious physical reach. The danger of black magic is not manifest, the secret intent of its adherents, who for the harm do not come into direct contact with the person and act, by reciting spells and perform secret ceremonies. In connection with the presence of such a threat - a source of harm, which may be hidden from man, the question arises whether the Vedic astrology means of combating black magic and protection from it?

Yes, Vedic astrology fully recognizes the possibility of interference with the use of black magic to create different kinds of complications in a person's life and, of course, has defined methods of eliminating such effect.

Vedic astrology vs black magic

the Conjugation of Vedic astrology and black magic

just as Vedic astrology deals with planets, Nakshatra, zodiac signs and various deities associated with them, black magic deals with different dark worlds and demonic entities that inhabit them. These entities have different powers and can have various bad effects on people.

Although the Vedic astrology and has no direct connection with black magic, common terms and tools, the manifestation of the actions of various entities of black magic can be compared with the action of the planets in the horoscope of a person. Such a mapping is possible due to the fact that from the point of view of Vedic astrology absolutely all the influences on the person are the forces manifested through the movement of the planets. And so, if there are signs of action on the person of black magic, examine a person's horoscope on the subject of the potential adverse effects of planets in a certain period of human life, and the negative influence of the planets in the Natal chart. Based on this research proposes some solutions to eliminate the effect of superimposed spells of black magic.

means of combating black magic

To eliminate the effect of the action of black magic in Vedic astrology recommended the recitation of mantras in a certain Vedic deities, forces influencing different areas of our lives and activities, and performing Vedic rituals. Depending on how much works a man is a demonic force, mitigations must be applied with the appropriate intensity. If the person is under the influence of black magic, he is not able to perform the cleansing rites or recite mantras, then he should to take his relative or a loved one.

it Should be remembered that the means of counteracting the forces of black magic must be applied carefully and in the struggle against malicious forces steadily to follow the advice of a Vedic astrologer.
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article: Vedic astrology vs black magic

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Astrology and black magic

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