What is the impact of cesarean section on the fate of the newborn?

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Recent years, a lot is said about the fact that childbirth is a natural way cause serious harm to the psyche of the newborn. Specialists of different psychologies claim that children are born naturally more irritable, prone to mood swings, and in General are in a constant state of stress. While born "by removing" as a result of caesarean section is more relaxed. In addition to the condition of the child, these same experts point to a variety of benefits for the mother. Right these professionals and listen to their opinions and advice - it's a private matter. However, remember the saying: "what is natural is not ugly".

How wags cesarean section on the fate of the newborn?

Therefore, when preparing astrological charts and predictions, the question arises: "what should be considered the moment of birth for caesarean section?" And how it can affect the fate of the child?

Traditionally, a child finds his destiny at the moment of separation from the mother. Although clearly a phenomenon of separation (birth), none of the astrologers could not formulate. Some believe the moment of birth a moment when only seemed to the head of the child, the other birth I think its full release, there are those who believe the birth of the moment of cutting the umbilical cord.

How important is the accuracy of determining the moment of birth shown in the following story.

Once the Demon Ravana conquered all the planet and won three world. He wanted to make his son an incredibly powerful king, and told him to gather all the planets in the 11th house, the house of prosperity and joy. But Saturn (Shani) disobeyed Ravana at the time of the birth of the child stepped one foot in the 12th house, house of loss and suffering. Thus spoiled the fate of the newborn, for which Ravana broke his legs.

That is the fate depends on the moment. However, not every moment can be crucial. Sages of various traditions believe that it is always necessary to accurately determine the time it began changes. At birth the start of a change is obviously the time of the beginning of birth pangs. This is the moment when the child in the womb begins to actively oppose the surrounding space, the time of manifestation of personality and active manifestation of the will of the new creature. At this point, the creature perceives the surrounding space as a medium exerting pressure on it and causing discomfort and tries in every way, even at the cost of incredible effort and turmoil to get rid of it. It is obvious that this time the creature is experiencing the maximum effect of planetary forces.

And in that moment, when the creature appeared the momentum of discernment and it has made tremendous efforts to achieve their own, albeit unconsciously, but the goal should be considered the moment of birth - the emergence of beings, presenting not just a set of five elements, but the creatures with power, manifesting its own Will.

In this consideration, of course, unnatural births worsen the situation of the newborn. A newborn is not born in the result of the manifestation of his own Will in Union (harmony) with external forces, even in the form of opposition to them and as separate from the driving forces of nature. Birth for caesarean section is largely a manifestation of the Will of parents and doctors, rather than a newborn baby.

The consequence of such a birth is low sensitivity to forces acting in the surrounding world a state of disharmony and a dependence on circumstances and other people.

In astrology all the planets are considered to be an obstacle in the way of man. In cases when a person feels the world and according to him show the Will, the planets are the forces that contribute to the goals of the person. In those cases, when a person feels of outer space, existing in it and could quite clearly manifest in the activities of the planet become insurmountable obstacles, no matter what house they were.

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article: What is the impact of cesarean section on the fate of the newborn?

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what is the impact of cesarean section on the destiny of man

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