Several ways to change the Mind without meditation


You want to advance in spiritual practice, but You are not satisfied with the need to sit in meditation? Indeed, sitting meditation can be easy for some and extremely difficult for others.

There are many ways to cultivate a state of relaxed awareness, just as it happens in sitting meditation, but it is not related. Try one of these activities to practice mindfulness and enjoy the clarity and tranquility.

Several ways to change the Mind without meditation

Walk in nature

Nature and exercise are the best means to improve health and enhance feelings of well-being. Often, nature walks give a sense of flight. This is because nature nourishes our body, mind and soul.

If You are bored to walk alone, find travel buddies. Often try to walk different routes, this supports the interest to the walks. When walking, try to harmonize Your breathing with the movement. Pay attention to the feeling in Your body and how it reacts to the changing environment.

Pay attention to the details of the flowers, plants, trees, clouds, wind, birds singing, etc. Follow the rhythm of Your movements, the legs alternately touch the ground, move the arms and the body rotates. Watch all this calmly with a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Practice in the garden

If You have a garden or a suburban area, turn to the practice of mindfulness. Caring for the plants keep the concentration of the mind on what you are doing. This approach will help You not only to care for plants, but will also enhance the sense of prosperity and tranquility.

Draw and paint

Recently it became clear that to improve the perception of nice to be painting. If You for some reason, not enough free time for that would be to do a full drawing, paint contour drawings, just as the children do. Coloring promote relaxation, relieve stress, develop creativity and self-expression, improve self-awareness. In addition, this is a great way to relieve the tedious seriousness and for a few moments to feel like a playing child.


Put the music that You like. Close your eyes and let your body move freely to the music. Try to dance this way in the presence of people. Don't be shy. Dance like no one is watching. In fact, people rarely look at someone, often they are busy with their own issues. So do not hesitate, try to loosen up and move through the waves of the music.

Arrives in awareness

to Arrive in a state of mindfulness is quite simple. You just need to observe yourself, your body. Whether You run, jump, or rope, doing tai Chi, or other aerobic exercise, always try to arrive in a state of awareness.

Practice Yoga

Hatha Yoga, the asana practice is dynamic or static is the practice most resembling the practice of meditation. Yoga uses different postures to focus the mind on the sensation of the body. This practice is best conducive to calm and focus the anxious mind.

Now just find a Studio for Yoga classes not far from home. If possible, find a place and practice Yoga as often as possible.

Play a musical instrument

Playing music is very creative. Playing for yourself You do not need to be particularly talented, you just need to enjoy the game. Try to master the new tools. New learning greatly contributes to the development of concentration, because your whole being is fully engaged with the process of mastering a new skill.

If You don't play any musical instrument, pick the most suitable one with which You will be engaged with pleasure. Also, You can choose a tool that requires no special skills to start to play it. It can be: Drum, Gong, Singing Bowl, even own voice.

Important to remember that the goal is not to win the recognition of others, and that is to focus on the present moment, when You create a sound, rhythm and melody.

Enjoy the sunset

to Observe how the Sun moves towards sunset, probably one of the most fascinating classes. In addition to the incredible natural beauty, the sunset reminds us that everything passes, but opens up opportunities for a new beginning.

Dissolve your feelings in the colors of the sunset, leave the worries and problems till the morning and fully enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility.

-- based On the article Melissa Eisler, 8 Activities to Reset Your Mind (That Don’t Involve Meditation)

article: Several ways to change the Mind without meditation

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