The convergence of Sun and moon 18 April 2015

Beginning of a new cycle 2015

April 18, 2015 at about 19:00 Moscow time the Moon and Sun came together in the constellation of Aries (4 degrees and 22 minutes) in the second quarter of Ashwini Nakshatra, thus marking the beginning of a new cycle. Literally, this event can be called a New Year, than all of us and congratulations!

the Year of Manmatha

birth in the year of Manmatha

If the birth occurred in Samvatsara "Manmatha", then people will be decorated with special kind of jewellery, have fun with a woman who will sweet-talking, singing and dancing, it will be sensual, to enjoy sensual pleasures.
comment: "Manmatha" is the God of Love, Cupid, the God of sexual desires. Stories of Kamadeva (Manmatha) is identified with the God of the arts (dance, music, and so on). It is said that people born in Samvatsara "Manmatha", will be beautiful, sophisticated, prone to sensuality (will pander to sexual desires), serene (soft), it will be sweet to talk to and love jewelry. He makes extremely beautiful (he has style). He loves beauty, their aesthetic sense perfectly. Its nature is prone to love. He achieves fame in the society due to its serenity and modesty, courtesy (politeness and decent behaviour), and sociability, measured thinking, wisdom and intelligence, understanding and discernment (critical perspective). Such a person will not face destitution (poverty).

Jupiter in Cancer

If Guru is in Karka (Cancer), then the person will get wealth growth at a very high level. His sexual activity will rise, it will be good to know many Shastras and the arts, to speak with love, to be happy, having trained horses and elephants.
comments: Karka Rashi (Cancer sign) is the exaltation Rashi of Guru (Jupiter). Therefore, the results of this Graha (planet) will be visible in the fullness of this Rashi. If Guru is under the influence of a beneficial Graha, the person will be very ambitious (ambiciozni) to financial and professional matters, and the weight of his aspirations would be fulfilled. So he will be rich, gorgeous, owns all kinds of material comfort and live life with dignity. Such a man's heart is full of a sense of well-being of society, and therefore he will do a lot of things for the public good. However, if Guru (Jupiter) is affected by Shani (Saturn) in any way, the person will see and the bad times too.

Saturn in Scorpio

If Shani is in Vrishchika (Scorpio), the person will be danger from poison, fire and weapons, he will destroy his wealth, will be oppressed by the enemy and the disease concerned and will not get the desired happiness from his son.
comments: It is believed that Shani (Saturn), located in Vrishchika Rashi (Scorpio sign), will give abilities and skills in mechanics. However, even with the difficulties in the people will overcome them and, in the end, will succeed. But it is necessary to Mangala (Mars) was strong. It is also possible that the nature of such a person will have a relatively large influence of instincts. This position has a positive education in the field of Geology, archeology and geography.

the Convergence of Sun and moon 18 April 2015

Some transits on some of the houses

When Guru (Jupiter) is 4th Bhava (house), a growing mental anxiety, reduced physical radiance, feel the lack of wealth, a man gets into many troubles due to enemies, there is opposition in society. A person is forced to go to people who have suffered a bereavement associated with the death of a member of their family. The mother's health is deteriorating born. His promotion was deferred; it gets difficulty in a court case involving immovable property.

When Shani (Saturn) occupies 8 is Bhava (house), a person suffers from loss of wealth and property, he is not quite good health. Some misfortune happens to his children, friends and animals. There is a possibility of ending the loss of his craft or of his service (work). There is a danger of going to jail; the company of bad people he gets into many trouble. There is a possibility of punishment from the king, physical and mental damage. He is Exposed to shame. His mind involved in the rejection of the world (from MaterialName). If he finally acquires wealth, then later he will encounter unusual trouble because of this wealth. He holds his loved ones and becomes passionate about gambling.

To see how transits will affect You personally horoscope for today; prospects of a love relationship for life love horoscope; the forecast of events for the year horoscope year, recommendations for effective action lunar calendar.

materials Used Encyclopedia of Vedic astrology, Sanskrit, and comments, Girish Chand Sharma
article: The convergence of Sun and moon 18 April 2015

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April 18, 2015. The moon and the Sun in the zodiac sign Aries

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