The delay of marriage

Dr. Mrs Sri Rama Mishra

Since the "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata," in India marriage is considered essential for liberation by the "Pitri Rina" (curse of ancestors). In Royal families the main criterion for a future spouse was the fact of belonging to the Royal family and quite small - the remoteness of the place or the language. However, in the middle ages to middle-class families are the main considerations when choosing a husband or wife was caste, religion and language, therefore the region consider opportunities for marriage began to shrink.

Delayed marriage

Together with the economic development preferences began to shift in favor of education, career, service, etc. there have Been changes in the size of the family, now families are small, so children want first to settle in life and then marry. Education is a serious of these girls. They want to get education of a certain level before marriage. As a result, age at marriage increases.

Previously appropriate age for marriage was considered the period from 15 to 18 years, currently from 20 to 22 years, and in large cities, probably 22 to 25 years. So, if a girl married to 25 years, it is considered that this is a timely marriage, before that age - early marriage, and then later marriage.

as for young people, there is the additional considerations of family responsibilities such as marriage of sisters and brothers and sometimes the replenishment of the income of the father or of the family in the joint family, - all this puts a marriage. Therefore, if a young man married to 28 years - this is a timely marriage, and after this age of late marriage.

Although the number of child marriages is reduced, many parents do not consult with an astrologer and still follow their traditions. Therefore, it should be remembered that the social environment is a significant factor for marriage.

In urban areas has changed the criterion of compatibility, it is based on education, level and nature of work. Astrology can also be one of the factors of delayed marriage.

Recognized that Mangal dosha may cause the postponement of marriage, but Saturn in the eighth house, the fifth house aspectrum and delays the birth of children, which means a delay of marriage. With the exception of the tribes of Western society having children out of wedlock is unacceptable. Therefore, Saturn in the eighth house is the reason for the late marriage.

With proper consideration of the horoscope the focus should be Venus, Karaka (significator) marriage. Affected or located between the two pests, it may become the cause of delay or unhappy sensual experience.

Along with the economic reasons there are some sociological and psychological reasons. Young people and girls are very ambitious, sometimes they have excessive expectations regarding the financial and social status of her husband. The result of this marriage at a young age are delaying marriage.

the Dowry was another factor for the delay. In educated families of the middle class marriages are often postponed due to the fact that the family is not able to provide too large dowry required by the family of a young man. Sometimes it also happens that a young man or a girl want a well-educated spouse, but the parents prefer to receive a dowry, which leads to the postponement of the wedding.

One of the most important reasons is the lack of ability of women to adapt to the young man's family. They want everything to meet their choice. Lifestyle with the parents of a young man that has always been the tradition, makes a girl's parents to find a young man who lives alone, and the result is postponement of marriage.
--Dr. Mrs Sri Rama Misra, the late marriage of girls

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article: The delay of marriage

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Astrological and social factors of late marriage of girls

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