How to find events or items on bhavam (home)

what is it?

It set out the values of various Bhav (houses) in order to find out any things or events in questions using Horary-Astrology.

Karakata (values) of twelve Bhav were collected from the authoritative treatises such as "Prasna-Marga", "Giagia-Vallabha" and others.

How to find events or items on bhavam

1st stage

1st bhava controls the body beauty, health, as the person asking the question, as well as fame, prosperity, victory, appearance; respect, qualities and behavior, longevity, object state, caste (class), innocence (innocence), a symptom (after), color. In addition, properties and characteristics, conflicts, courage, UPS and downs, the loss of the right path should be considered in the 1 bhava.

2nd bhava

2nd bhava refers to food and drink (food supplies), speech, right eye, different types of art (skills) and learning; with pearls, metal, clothes, gold, horses and the like, manufacturing food, food and silver. In addition, issues concerning the family, attraction to women, sale and purchase, of conflicts in Commerce or in tax matters, work related to roads, should be answered in 2 bhava.

3rd bhava

3rd bhava governs patience, rashness, right ear, assistant; sister-in-law, well-being, safety, care. In addition, the soldiers, industry, effort, short trips, close to swim/fly, work as a servant, the initiative and enterprise should be taught in the 3 bhava.

4th bhava

4th bhava represents the maternal uncle, the sister's son, an agricultural field, the place (the estate), charm, water, white color, height, Pets, home; treasures from under the ground, the entrance to the cave, medicine (medicine), crops, gardens, places of frequent visits, loss of housing, acquisition, entrance to a house, parents, Affairs of the country and purchase from them. In addition, affordable medicines, ceremonies for dead ancestors, the leaving of home, the joy of staying in his native country, progress (development), digging pools, mines or of the mine, the pledge (mortgage), agricultural products can be seen in the 4 bhava.

5th bhava

5th bhuva denotes the sharpness of intellect, intelligence, wisdom, freedom of action (insight), righteous deeds of the previous birth, mantras, Ministers, mental satisfaction; diplomacy, agreements and negotiations, pregnancy, wealth. In addition, in the 5 bhava answer questions related to the practice of the Vedas or the occult literature of hymns, customs and traditions, a thorough knowledge of (all sections of the Vedic Scriptures) in spiritual knowledge, study and research in physics, disciples (followers), spiritual practices, mantras and ANTRAM, gambling, lottery, diplomacy, consultations.

6th bhava

6th bhava controls the thieves, obstacles, mental (mental) and physical disturbances (diseases), death by weapons; by illness, poverty, servants (employees), bad acts, violent acts, deadly attacks enemies with a weapon, suspicion, battle (against), animal type Buffalo, bison. In addition, b bhava deals with murder, attraction (attractiveness), hostility, antipathy, and so on, using spells with malevolent intent, enmity, disputes, disagreements, thieves, trials, accidents the type of fire, accidents, injuries (wounds, injuries), captivity, bulls, donkeys, camels, explosions, conspiracies, arson, and also the home of the grandparents on the mother.

7th bhava

7th bhava signifies marriage, sexual relations between a man and a woman, a bed, a house, loss of wealth due to theft, theft; health, shopping, servants (employees), on the return journey. Other issues, such as disputes in business, daily business commitment, love, attraction (attractiveness), romance, film, lost things, differences in love, a first input of the girls in the house (husband) after marriage, marine travel, choice of employment, business transactions, stolen items, forgetfulness, excitement, fun life together analyzed on 7 bhava.

8th bhava

8th bhava governs the destruction (loss of life, destruction, ruin), disasters and misfortunes, disputes, cause and place of death, imprisonment (imprisonment), monasteries or student hostels, diseases, obstacles and challenges; longevity (life expectancy), the enmity, the mysteries of the Kingdom (the state), the weaknesses of relatives, difficult (difficult) places, fortresses, killing the enemy and wife, crossing the river. In addition, issues concerning the obstacles in the voyage, snake, Scorpion or dog, an unexpected accident, harassment by evil spirits, debts, wounds, and wounds from weapons, bad omens, slander, obscenity, inheritance from the deceased, UPS and downs, quarrels, evil actions are considered in the 8 bhava.

9th bhava

9th bhava symbolizes wealth (luck and wealth), religion, sympathy, righteous deeds, austerities (Tapas), the father, charity, austerity (asceticism), mentor, teacher, initiation, temple patron Devata (deity), pilgrimage, coronations, spiritual and religious aspirations, digging of ponds, son-in-law, brother-in-law and brother-in-law. For the same God bhava decide matters affecting the spiritual training, religious and social work, trust, progress (development), the fame, the patronage of the king and God.

10th bhava

10th bhava manages the temples, cities, classrooms, hotels, places of drink and food, permission (permission), money for life, income; attraction, rain, reliability, and office of his father, righteous acts, loss of power, currencies and the change in job title or position. In addition, for the God bhava can answer questions relating to climate, social and public jobs, capital, social status, awarded titles, techniques, decorating, foreign travel.

11th bhava

11th bhava indicates the achievement of all desired goals, older siblings, baby's, left ear. In addition, the development in business (occupation), income from investments, elephants, horses, vehicles, clothes, stealing of gold and wealth, academic conversations about worldly matters, logic and other questions in the 11 bhava.

12th bhava

12th bhava determines bad deeds, loss, left eye, loss of status, bankruptcy, pleasure, marriage, charity, loss of crops, uncle, watching the battle and thoughts on the defeat in the battle. For this God bhava should be considered issues such as punishment, confinement (imprisonment), donations, aunt mother (sister, mother and wife of mother's brother), sea voyage.

article: How to find events or items on bhavam (home)

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