Exaltation and fall of planets


In Indian astrology is well known that two of the best provisions of the world after exaltation are provisions known as the home of MultiKey and then his own house. Own house — well, melarikan better and exaltation — best. Below are multicore and private houses for the seven planets. Intervals in degrees you need to remember for the future a more accurate use of Jaimini astrology.

Exaltation and fall of planets

the Sun

  • Acalcium up to 10 degrees of Aries.
  • Is in the fall up to 10 degrees of Libra (the seventh house).
  • Melarikan to 20 degrees of Leo (note the change).
  • In your own house from 20 to 30 degrees of Leo.

note: akselerat the Sun in Aries, but for MultiKey own home and it chose the sign of the Lion.

the Moon

  • Acalcium to 3 degrees of Taurus.
  • In the fall to 3 degrees of Scorpio.
  • In multicone from 3 to 27 degrees of Taurus.
  • Own house in Cancer.

note: the Moon has chosen a sign for your own home.


  • Acalcium to 28 degrees of Capricorn.
  • In the fall to 28 degrees Cancer.
  • Dom multicone in Aries, only to 12 degrees.
  • Own home from 12 to 30 degrees of Aries.

note: Mars, like the Sun, choose your own sign of Aries for MultiKey. Scorpio is also the sign of Mars, and therefore his own house. But in Aries 12 to 30 degrees is his own house.


  • Acalcium to 15 degrees Virgo.
  • In the fall up to 15 degrees of Pisces.
  • In multicone from 15 to 20 degrees Virgo.
  • Own house from 20 to 30 degrees Virgo.

note: it is Obvious that for mercury Virgo is the best sign for all three positions. The twins are also the own house of mercury.


  • Acalcium to 5 degrees of Cancer.
  • To fall to 5 degrees of Capricorn.
  • In multicone to 10 degrees Sagittarius.
  • Own house from 10 to 30 degrees of Sagittarius.

note: the Other own house Jupiter is in Pisces.


  • Acalcium to 27 degrees of Pisces.
  • In the fall to 27 degrees Virgo.
  • In multicore up to 15 degrees of Libra.
  • Own house from 15 to 30 degrees of Libra.

note: the Other own house Venus is in Taurus.


  • Acalcium to 20 degrees of Libra.
  • In the fall up to 20 degrees of Aries.
  • In multicone to 20 degrees of Aquarius.
  • Own house from 20 to 30 degrees of Aquarius.

note: the Other own house of Saturn is in Capricorn.

Important points to remember

  • Special position of the Sun: good and more good in Leo, the best in Aries and in Libra is the worst.
  • Special position of the moon: in Cancer good, better and best in Body except the last degree of Taurus and the worst in Scorpio.
  • Special provisions Mars: good in Scorpio and the last eighteen degrees of Aries, and higher again in Aries, is in Capricorn, the best and the worst in Cancer.
  • the Special position of mercury: in Gemini is good and from twenty to thirty degrees Virgo, better in Virgo and best again in Virgo, Pisces worst.
  • Special provisions of Jupiter: good in Pisces and from ten to thirty degrees of Sagittarius, more is good up to ten degrees of Sagittarius, Cancer best and worst in Capricorn.

    note: Jupiter — the only planet of multicon which is closest to the sign of its fall, Capricorn.

  • the Special position of Venus: in Taurus is good and from fifteen to thirty degrees of Libra, better Balance, better in Pisces and the worst in Deva.

    note: Venus goes from the point of its fall in Virgo and reaches multicone in Libra opposite Jupiter; which does the opposite.

  • the Special position of Saturn: good in Capricorn, and from twenty to thirty degrees of Aquarius, more good in Aquarius, the best and the worst in Libra in Aries.

note: These four provisions — exaltation, multicon, own house and drop — should be used for a more subtle understanding of the horoscope.

-- a fragment of the Chapter "the Exaltation and fall of planets", K. H. Rao, "Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time: techniques and predictions".
article: Exaltation and fall of planets

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