Brihat-Jataka. Female horoscopes

Shtri Jataka adhyaya

The results that women can't use or enjoy, should be attributed to their husbands. In the 8th house of the horoscope female should predict the death of her husband, the rising sign and the moon — her own physical beauty, and in the 7th house — her husband and his love for her.

Since the life of married women is closely tied to her husband, her horoscope will show and the events of his life. For example, the presence of Raja yoga in a female horoscope may indicate the high social status of her husband.


If the rising sign and Moon are in even signs, the woman will be modest and decent; if they aspectarian beneficial planets she will be virtuous; if the rising sign and Moon are in odd signs, she'll have a masculine temperament and form; but if these two [factors] aspectarian snotvornyi planets or connected with them, she'll be sinful and characterless.

In a female horoscope the location of the ascendant and the moon in feminine signs is favorable, conducive to the manifestation of the natural female nature; their location in the masculine signs gives women masculine traits; if one of these factors in a male sign and the other female, will take on traits characteristic of the behavior of both sexes.

If the ascendant or Moon are in the abode of Mars and is trimsamsa Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, mercury or Venus, the girl will become, respectively, entering into sexual relationships before marriage; of a dancing woman; virtuous; duplicitous ("two hearts"); a sinner.

If the girl's horoscope the ascendant or the Moon be in Aries or Scorpio and Mars is trimsamsa, the girl will regard with men before marriage. This expression also be translated as "she will be slutty until puberty," but B. S. RAO rejects this translation. When the location of the ascendant or moon in the abode of Mars and Saturn trimsamsa girl at a young age will be a dancer; when placed in the same signs, but in trimsamsa Jupiter — she'll be virtuous; trimsamsa mercury — false and duplicitous; in trimsamsa Venus licentious and immoral.

If the ascendant or the Moon be in Taurus or Libra and is trimsamsa the above planets, she becomes, respectively, a sinner; marrying again; virtuous, talented in the arts; having a good reputation.

If the ascendant or the Moon be in Gemini or Virgo and is trimsamsa the above planets, the woman becomes, respectively, false; barren; virtuous; good; guilty of adultery.

Hereinafter, a brief treatment of the position of the ascendant and the moon are given in the same order of the rulers of crimsons that in the previous stanza, i.e. Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, mercury, Moon.

"Getting married again" — according to B. S. RAO, refers to the second marriage when the first live husband.

"Guilty of adultery" — we are not talking about the constant presence of secret love, but about lust and sexual relations.

If the Moon or ascendant are in Cancer and is trimsamsa already named planets, it therefore does what she likes; it becomes a reason for the death of her husband; blessed with good qualities; talented in the arts; immoral.

If the ascendant or the Moon be in Leo and is trimsamsa already named planets, it becomes, respectively, having a male character; is guilty of adultery; the wife of a king or ruler; having masculine qualities; enters into a forbidden relationship.

If the ascendant or the Moon be in Pisces or Sagittarius and is named trimsamsa above, the woman is good; having low sexual desire; the virtuous; the talented in the arts; guilty of adultery.

If the ascendant or the Moon be in Capricorn, or Aquarius and is [mentioned] above trimsamsa, a woman becomes, respectively, a servant; the loving men are useless or of low origin; virtuous; a sinner; childless.

"Entering into a forbidden relationship" — refers not only to sexual relations of an incestuous nature, but also of communication with the representatives of those castes or of groups of people with whom relations are forbidden especially for the women.

Now has been described [approximate] the results of the position of the ascendant and the moon in various trimsamsa, but [valid] results should be set taking into account the strength or weakness of the rising sign and the moon.

Simultaneously, the position of ascendant and moon are similar in value trimsamsa hence enhances their expression. It is often so that one of these factors (the ascendant or the Moon) is located in trimsamsa favorable and the other unfavorable. In such cases, their symptoms will be reshaped in accord with the relative strength of each factor.

If Saturn and Venus are in nawabshah each other, mutually aspectarian, or if the rising sign is in Taurus or Libra and rises navamsa of Aquarius, the woman will get sexual satisfaction from females dressed in male attire.

Here are described two combinations:
1. Saturn and Venus aspectjrt each other in the map of Rashi (that is, are in opposite signs), and thus are navamsha each other.
2. The ascendant is in Taurus or Libra in navamsa of Aquarius, ie 320’ - 640’ Calf or 1320’ - 1640’ of the balance.

If the 7th house devoid of power, not engaged in auspicious planets and not aspectarian them, the husband will be weak (poor). If mercury and Saturn are in 7th house, the husband will be impotent. If the 7th house in a cardinal sign, the husband will always travel. If 7th house is occupied with Sun, aspectarian snotvornyi planets, it will be rejected by her husband. If the 7th house has Mars, aspectarian evil planets, she will become a widow. If the 7th house is Saturn, aspectarian snotvornyi planets, she will grow old, not married.

Utpal stresses that these interpretations apply to the 7th house from the ascendant and from the moon.

If in the 7th house there are several Zatvornik planets, she will become a widow. If there is good and evil planets, she will marry a second time for the man of the same caste. If in the 7th house, there is a weak evil planet aspectarian beneficial planet, her husband will reject. If Venus and Mars exchange their navamani, she will be an adulteress. If the Moon connects with Venus and Mars in the 7th house, she will become an adulteress, with the connivance of her husband.

Here again we are talking about 7th house from the ascendant or from the moon (of course, except for the last combination).

If a resident of Mars or Saturn is the ascendant sign, there are Moon and Venus, aspectarian snotvornyi planets, she will become an adulteress after his mother. If the 7th navamsa from amshi ascendant is in the abode of Mars and Saturn aspectarian, the sexual organs of women are affected by the disease. If the 7th navamsa is beneficial in the abode [of the planet], woman will be beautiful and beloved husband.

"7th navamsa from amshi ascendant" — that is, the 7th house in the map navamsa.

If the 7th house from the ascendant or [his] navamsa is in the abode of Saturn, the husband will be old and stubborn; if the 7th house from the ascendant or [his] navamsa is in the abode of Mars, the husband will love the other women will be cruel; if the 7th house is the abode of Venus, the husband will be beautiful and loving; and if the 7th house is the abode of mercury, the husband will be erudite and intelligent.

Here and in the next stanza the author gives interpretations of the 7th house for those occasions when the house is not occupied any of the planets. If Rashi and navamsha 7th house is controlled by different planets, then the interpretation should favour one of these houses, which are stronger.

If the 7th house is in Cancer, the husband will be passionate and mild. If the 7th house refuses to give in Sagittarius or Pisces, the husband will be good and controlling his passions. If the 7th house is in Leo, the husband will be mild and hard-working.

If the Moon and Venus are in the ascendant sign, the woman will be jealous and loving happiness. If the Moon and mercury occupy the ascendant, she will be talented in arts, happy and blessed with good character. If in the ascending sign are Venus and mercury, it will be beautiful, beloved and talented in fine arts. If three of the beneficial planets are in the ascending sign, the woman will have great wealth, great happiness and fine character.

Here are the interpretations of those situations where in the 1st house are just two or three planets.

Widowhood comes at that age, which indicates the owner amshi occupied by the owner of the 8th house (when in the 8th house is an evil planet). If beneficial planets occupy the 2nd house, she will die before her husband. If the Moon is located in Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus or Leo, she will have few children.

B. S. RAO explains that a widow becomes the woman in the horoscope which is the 8th house from the ascendant busy snotvornoe planet. To determine when she is widowed, you must look at the position of the ruler of the 8th house. It is located at some navamsa. The time of death of the husband will be described the master of this navamsa.

Commentators disagree about how to determine the time of death of her husband on the host navamsa. Some believe that death comes in the period or sub period controlled this planet; while others are inclined to believe that the time of death is described according to the planets year: if navamsha controlled by the Moon — the death comes a year after the marriage, if Mars is in 2 years, if the mercury in 9 years, if Venus is in 20 years, if Jupiter is in 18 years, if the Sun — after 20 years, if the Saturn in 50 years.

But these rules are not applicable in cases when in addition to evil planets in 8th house there is a good planet in the 2nd house — because it indicates that the woman dies before her husband.

If Saturn is moderately strong, if Venus, mercury and Moon is weak and other planets are strong, and if ascend is an odd sign, the woman will be an adulteress. If the ascendant is in an even sign and Jupiter, Mars, Venus and mercury is strong, it will be known, knowledgeable in many Sciences and vedantin.

Vedantin (wives. rod — vedantin) — 1) knower of the Vedas; 2) one who follows Vedanta.

If an evil planet occupies the 7th house, it will take Sannyasa, which describes the planet occupying the 9th House. These results can be predicted at the time of marriage, search time girl or time issue.

Varahamihira, Brihat-Jataka (the Big book of birth): the Foundation of Indian astrology. Per. English and comments R. Bros. — Moscow: World Of Urania, 2006. — 288 p. Chapter 24. Female horoscopes (shtri Jataka adhyaya)
article: Brihat-Jataka. Female horoscopes

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