Five combinations, giving glory to the man


a fragment from the book the Jataka Dhundiraj-Sharanam (encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology). Translation from Sanskrit: Girish Chand Sharma. Translation from English: Oleg Bogachev. Publisher OOO "Swan", Donetsk, 2006.

Pancha-Maha-Purusha Yoga

I want to consider the Raja Yoga of great people, common kings, which told the ancient Muni (thinkers).

Five Yogas (Ruchka-Yoga and others), giving greatness

If being in own Rashi (sign) or in exaltation, one of 5 Graham - Mangala (Mars), and so on - are located in the Kendra, then formed one of the 5 combinations respectively of Ruchika Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Hans Yoga, Malavi Yoga and sasaka Yoga.

Comments: These five Yogas are created as follows:

    If Mangal (Mars) with its own Rashi (sign) or in the exaltation Rashi is in a Kendra in the birth chart, it is formed of Ruchika Yoga

    If budha (mercury) with its own Rashi (sign) or in the exaltation Rashi is in a Kendra in the birth chart, it is formed of Bhadra Yoga

    If Guru (Jupiter) with its own Rashi (sign) or in the exaltation Rashi is in a Kendra in the birth chart, then formed the Hamsa-Yoga

    If Shukra (Venus) with its own Rashi (sign) or in the exaltation Rashi is in a Kendra in the birth chart, it is formed Malavya Yoga

    If Shani (Saturn) with its own Rashi (sign) or in the exaltation Rashi is in a Kendra in the birth chart, it is formed of sasaka Yoga


Results of Ruchka-Yoga

People born under Ruchika Yoga, long-lived, has a clean and clear Shine (splendor), a large amount of blood and strength, courage, success in work, he has beautiful eyebrows and black hair, reddish and dusky complexion, the same hands and feet, neck shaped like a shell, thin the knees and long thighs, he skilled in Мантра0-Vidya, has an excellent fame, will be extremely brave, to attack and destroy his enemies, will honor the gods, to communicate with the Brahmins and his Guru (teacher).

People born in Ruchika Yoga, has marks on the palms and feet in the form of a bed, rope, ox bow (for arrows), wheels, Vyny, or Vajra (lightning); his fingers straight; he will be skilled in the use of mantras; his body weighs a thousand Tul (unit of measurement in ancient times); width of his back equal to the length of his face.

He will become king of the fields Sahya, Vindhya and Wiggin. Not his body will sludy of weapons and fire, and he will live 70 years and then die in a temple.

Comments: If one of the five Grahas, being Kendra, are sobstvennom Rashi or in the Rashi of exaltation, it forms one of the five outstanding Yogas (combinations). In astrology these Yoga known as Pancha-Maha-Purusha Yoga (five combinations giving the greatness of man). These five excellent Yogas; and the reason they are superior is an opinion in astrology, Graha, located in the Kendra definitely has a decisive influence on Lagna. And because the result was a full, maximum, Lagna has to be strong, and so necessary that Graha Is Yoga Karaka has not received any adverse influence via Union or aspect, otherwise the results will decrease and deteriorate. External influences on the Yoga-Karaka too, should be studied very carefully.

Consequently, Adabala Graha should also be sufficient, in addition Graha should not be close to Curie not to be burned.

Position Graha Is a Yoga Karaka in the 10th God bhava gives her the greatest strength compared to Brahimi Kendram

If in the birth chart is Ruchika Yoga, the person will be relatively more affected by the qualities and attributes Barbecues. Due to this, it will be very cheerful, energetic, full of enthusiasm, with a very strong muscle capable leader and show great skills in battle and in adverse circumstances.

the Presence of Ruchika-Yoga is not possible in the birth chart with Lagnas Mithuna (Gemini), Kanya (Virgo), Dhanu (Sagittarius) or Meena (Pisces), because at such Linah the Grill cannot Be in a Kendra in own Rashi, or Rashi of exaltation.

People with Lagnas Vrishabha (Taurus), Simha (Leo), Vrishchika (Scorpio), or Kumbh (Aquarius), you get the usual results of Ruchka-Yoga, because in this Lagna in Kendra is neither exaltation Rashi or Rashi MultiKey Barbecues.

Luddi with Lagnas Mesha (Aries), Karka (Cancer), Tula (Libra) or Makara (Capricorn) in the birth chart can get excellent results Ruchka of Yoga, because these Lagno exaltation Rashi, or Rashi of Multicone Braziers are in the Kendra. Of these four LAN Mesha and Makara are most deserving of good results of this Yoga, because of the quality and abilities of the person with Lagnas Mesha or Makara closer to the Grill than the man with Lagnas Karaka or Tula.

Results of Bhadra Yoga

People born with Bhadra Yoga, like a lion, walking (gracefully) like a bull, he is strong, healthy (muscular) thighs, long, fat and round the palm (of the hand), a beard made of soft and thin hair, his hands and feet are like Lotus, his height equal to the length of his hands (divorced), he will be voluptuous, educated, extremely strong and well versed (skilled) in Yoga.

On the palm and feet of such a person have the signs of conch, sword, elephant, Mace, arrow, Lotus flower, flag, wheel, moon, or a plow. During the trip, he moisturizes whiskey leaked out of the ground with water from traces of elephants, his body the scent of a flower Qom, he says in a sober manner.

It will be very beautiful, with a superior intelligence, would know the Sastras, gained notoriety in the society, of sensual pleasure, will have secret ideas that will be extremely secretive, he has a beautiful belly, a beautiful forehead and black curly hair, he is religious, spiritual, patient, independent in all its activities, will not forgive loved ones and spend a fortune in the reception.

the Forehead of the person born in this Yoga, adorned with precious stones, He will become the ruler of the region Kanya-Kubja and live 80 years with his son and wife.

Comments: When budha (mercury) is in his own Rashi, or Rashi of exaltation, then formed the Bhadra Yoga. As stated in the Sloka, a person born in this Yoga will possess a very developed and strong intellect, because this combination creates a Chandra - Karaka (significator) intelligence, he is Kendra and Rashi of exaltation or in own Rashi. Therefore, such a person is Sattvic in nature, it will be generous, to serve others without selfish interest, to possess a very sharp intellect. In a natural birth-chart Chandra is arms, shoulders and stomach; therefore, these parts of the body, born with the Bhadra Yoga will be strong and healthy. As a rule, if Chandra is endowed with strength, the person very long arms. If the person gets out apart with his hands, then his growth will be equal to the distance from the tip of the middle finger of her left hand to the tip of the middle finger of the right hand, it is considered an excellent sign. It is because of this in the Sloka says that a person with Bhadra Yoga increase is consistent with the length of both arms.

Results Hamsa-Yoga

the face of the person born in Hamsa Yoga, has the color of blood. He raised the nose, beautiful and strong parts of the body, yellowish complexion, red nails, he speaks like a Swan, his nature is Kapha (Earth). On the palms and feet there are marks of conch, Lotus, rod for controlling elephants, fist, a pair of beads (bead), a hammock or a pitcher. His eyes were the color of honey, and his forehead is rounded.

He loves water places extremely voluptuous, not satisfied with women, tall 86 Angul and will live up to 96 years.

He will be the ruler of the region Waiheke, Shursen and the land between the Ganges and Yamanoi; his death will occur in the forest. So say the best of the ancient sages.

Comments: If Guru (Jupiter) being in own Rashi, or Rashi of exaltation is in a Kendra, then formed the Hamsa-Yoga (Hans-Yoga). This Yoga is not found in Linah Vrishabha (Taurus), Simha (Leo), Vrishchika (Scorpio), or Kumbh (Aquarius). The person with Hamsa Yoga will have self-respect, good conduct and character, he will be educated and given moral force.

Guru (Jupiter) is exposed to the deficiency (subject to the Doshas - pollution, negativity), as ruler of a Kendra in the birth charts with Lagnas Mithuna (Gemini), Kanya (Virgo), Dhanu (Sagittarius) or Meena (Pisces). This Dosha is called Kendra-Adha-Pati Dosha. But the consequences of this disadvantage will manifest itself only when the Guru receives the aspect of the ruler, but the adverse Bhava (house) or harmful ruler of Bhava is in conjunction with him (the Guru); otherwise, this Dosha does not give harmful effects.

Results Malavia-Yoga

a person born with Malavya-Yoga, thin lips, uneven limbs of the body, but the joints of the limbs are very strong, thick back, Shine like the moon (Chandra), long nose, beautiful cheeks, sparkling eyes, smooth and white teeth, and his hands hang down to his knees.

He would live for 70 years, his face 13 Angul in length and 10 Angul wide, it will become the ruler of the area of Lata, Malova, Sindhu and Parijata.

Comments: If the Kendra is Shukra (Venus) is in own Rashi or in the Rashi of exaltation, then formed Malavya Yoga. Shukra (Venus) is the Karak (significator) physical and material comfort. Therefore, such a person is to a greater extent will have the items and amenities.

Results of sachaca-Yoga (Sasa Yoga)

a person born with shashka-Yoga, short teeth and a narrow mouth, he quickly goes, he will be angry, a liar, a great winner, to wander in the unfrequented places interested (love spending time) forests, mountains, fortresses, rivers and similar places, will be hospitable, of medium height and will be famous.

He will lead a large army, he had protruding teeth, hips and weak (small) back, he will know the metallurgy will unchangeable, his eyes like a pig, he will have a wife, he will steal the wealth of others, is loyal to his mother, extremely educated and to see the errors and vices of others.

it has marks on the palm and foot in the form of a bed, a washbasin, a Mridangam (a musical instrument), rosary (beads), or Vyne (flute). He will rule for 70 years. So the ancient sages and thinkers.

Comments: If the generated sasaka Yoga due to the position of Shani (Saturn) in his own Rashi or in the Rashi of exaltation and its placement in the Kendra, the person will be samodisciplina, principled, stubborn and selfish, these qualities are particularly developed in it.


If one of the five Grahas (Mangal and so on) are not located in a Kendra, but only in the Rashi of exaltation and is in conjunction with Surya (Sun) and Chandra (the Moon), then the person will get favorable results but not the results of Raja Yoga.

article: Five combinations, giving glory to the man

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