Happy life

In many ways, a happy life depends on the planetary position in the Natal chart. In the Vedas the well-known story, when the demon Ravana won all kinds of victories and conquered all the nine planets. He wished his unborn son even more power, strength, influence than he owns himself. For this he commanded all in the birth of a son to gather in the eleventh house. As the eleventh house is the house of all sorts of achievements and profits.

Happy life

The demon Ravana is believed that in this way the life of his son will be happy. However, Saturn (Shani), being capricious and beyond our control, disobeyed Ravana at the time of the birth of his son stepped into the twelfth house, it evoked the heir of Ravana of great adversity and loss in the future.

of Course, a good position in the horoscope of birth an extremely positive effect on a happy life. However, many initially denied the extremely favorable location. How to achieve happiness in life in this case?

the Answer to this question is obvious. Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth, people gave Jyotish to the fact that they could achieve happiness in life, even with an unfavorable position of the planets. Everything you need to achieve happiness is to know which moments of life to take certain actions that will lead things in a harmonious state with the aspects of the world.

To achieve a happy life, as a consequence of committing a harmonious and correct actions, You should get a individual horoscope year, personal lunar calendar and a personal love horoscope. Follow these recommendations in Your life will be happier, even if unsuccessful position of the planets in the Natal chart.

article: Happy life

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