The harm of reading of mantras!

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In fact, no harm from reading mantras no. I titled the article solely from advertising intentions. To me the title seemed scandalous enough to attract the attention of the masses. He seems to be bracing strewn under the sweet sound of the mantra, consciousness. So those who got excited from reading the title, don't worry and take it easy, there is no harm, however, use is not large.


Kali Yuga

As we all know, in the courtyard of the Kali-Yuga. Considered the time of manifestation of the basest of human qualities, and indeed all creatures. The reason for this is the law of development of Cosmic Consciousness. It is believed that Cosmic Consciousness in the "Establishment" has gone through several eras, during which there is a transformation of this consciousness.

strangely enough, but the Cosmic Consciousness in these processes is undergoing involution, that is, the movement from its perfect form in the direction of simplification.

by the Way, this behavior of Consciousness can observe any practicing methods of work with consciousness, such as lucid dreaming or Buddhist or Yogic methods of transference of consciousness.

Why there is a natural degradation of Cosmic Consciousness? Let it remain inscrutable mystery, about which we will not here speculate. Let the mystery remain to those seekers who have devoted their lives to knowledge!

But we digress. Back to Kali Yuga and chanting. What is the relationship between them and what is the harm or uselessness from reading them?

Lord Shiva

While writing the title of this paragraph, three times in reverence bowed in all directions with the words "Namah Shivaya!". I recommend to do readers. If someone does not know, it is a mantra honoring Lord Shiva. Loosely translated as "I Express my deepest respect to the greatest of the Lords - Shiva, whose name signifies the wind of destruction of ignorance and, in a way, the sloppiness!"


the Lord Shiva in his many legacies was indicated that in Kali-Yuga the only way to achieve spiritual perfection is the recitation of mantras. In other Yugas he pointed out, and other methods. However, know this whiter or less all dealing with issues of self-development. However, few people know that Lord Shiva had indicated this as the path only to the three higher Castes, namely, Brahmana, Kshatriya, and Vaisya. The representatives of the fourth caste, Sudras, in the opinion of Lord Siva, the path is not suitable.


If anyone knows what Caste was ordained of God to Manu in his "Immortal Sastra". God of Manu defined the four Castes. As I indicated above is a Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra.

    Brahman. Traditionally the priest, who is studying spiritual teachings. The duty of the Brahmanas is the transmission of teachings in the same form in which it was originally, without distortion. As I pointed out above, the reason for this is the natural process of involution of consciousness. And that "the highest truth" to convey to the most turbid parts of the mind, its form must be Original. In General, this understanding of Ezo in modern community is missing. The meaning of Brahmanism largely lost, and the original meaning of the word - "Aware of the details."

    Kshatriya. With these Kshatriyas simpler than the Brahmanas. It's the people-the Soldiers, the task of which is to protect its people and to exercise direct control. Kshatriyas - the rulers, soldiers and other professionals to ensure compliance with law and order in society. The literal translation is "field".

    Vaishya. A variety of experts with specific social skills. Mistakenly believed that the Vaishya - this is only the caste of merchants. I wonder the meaning of this word is "windy". However, it does not indicate levity in the traditional sense. In ancient times the "Winds" called a variety of Forces that create, maintain and ultimately destroy "Creation". Thus, the Vaisya - the people dealing directly with the forces of "Creation".

    Sudra. Unfortunately, I have not yet able to understand the meaning of the word. Traditionally, the representatives of a Caste Sudras are not required to have any certain socially useful skills. Against this Caste there are many unflattering opinions, mostly incorrect character.

God Manu also indicated that the representative of each caste are obliged to act in a certain way. We will not delve into a detailed examination of the differences between the actions of each Caste. In our case the only important thing is that for brāhmaṇa, Kṣatriya and Vaiśya Manu was entrusted with the responsibility of studying the various Sastras and Spiritual Scriptures. Sudra from such a study is exempt.


That's actually approached the question of futility, but in a sense, and dangers, of reading mantras.

Lord Siva is neither casual pointed to the recitation of mantras as a way for representatives of the three "higher" Castes. Washed away his words that the use of mantra is largely a matter of a person's ability to understand its contents! And this awareness is possible only if one studies the Spiritual Scriptures in which the meaning of each term takes place in the story, the picture, giving a deep Understanding of values!

I Want to give my favorite example of the fallacy of the contemporaries who read mantras on the occasion and without. Mantra, God Ganesha Is "Om Namah Ganesha!", "Om Gam Ganapataye!" (more "Om Gama Ganapatya!"), "Samast Loka Sukha of Havant(y)" is not a mantra of deity worship is specific instructions for people running a very specific way or doing certain activities.

the First aimed at giving enthusiasm "figure" glorifying him as such. The second indicates that "the path is going, the fruit gets - giver." The third indicates the stability of the fruits of action. It should be understood as "results will reflect the internal harmony of activities". Nagualist call it Purity.

due to the fact that the activities as such are required to engage the Brahmanas, Kshatriyas and Vaisya, it is for them the repetition of mantras can become meaningful, and thereby to transform Individual Consciousness and cause him a deep "Understanding".

And the recitation of mantras is quite useless for Sudras. There are two reasons that I mentioned earlier: they are not engaged in certain activities and do not study "the Scriptures" (in our time - the spiritual and technical heritage). They have no obligation to seek perfection, and you can just live your life. As it is, by the way, recommended by many modern spiritual leaders.

a Terrible secret

Or tablet from despair.

In his story, I intentionally used the word Caste to exacerbate the tragedy of the situation, to give it a touch of hopelessness and may even cause a sense of sadness and regret. After all, Caste means "birthright", which in a lifetime is not changed. In India, the birthplace of the whole culture, the situation is indeed the case - there is a caste system, "birthright". And in this deepest delusion of the People!

God Manu in his "Immortal Sastra" has identified four types of manifestation of Consciousness in this "Creation". He pointed out that Consciousness can manifest as "Observing trifles," "Protection present", "to Comprehend the winds of creation through activities" and "none of the above are not doing". And most importantly, that God Manu stated in his legacy is that Everyone has the Right to Independently Choose their Own Activities. In other words Mana gave people a choice as to which class to take. And the obviousness of this choice lies in the word, which he outlined what became mistakenly regarded as Castes. Belonging to a certain kind of work God Manu is identified by the word "Varna" - which should be understood as "Specific path" and not "by birth".

So, everyone has the right to determine its own path independently. The secret is this. And in this great freedom for the creatures.


will summarize. The mantra is as an assistant to the mind, they are useful for those who are committed to excellence in a particular activity and completely useless for those who are playing noodle or dissolve in Nirvana. Use creations by appointment!

While looking for a picture for the article, he suddenly realized, what's the harm of reading mantras. And the damage that the recitation of mantras can bring about human Ignorance, if he does not follow the recommendations of Lord Shiva and the God Manu, if he does not study the legacy of the ancients, and relies only on the writings of contemporaries, reflections which are far from perfect. However, the latter applies to me.

Namah Shivaya!

article: The harm of reading of mantras!

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