The calculation of the periods of life in the tradition of Jyotish

System dash (periods)

48:1. Maitreya said: O Supreme sage! You are all-knowing and have unlimited knowledge. Please be kind and enlighten me in detail about common dash.


Types dash

48:2-5. Maharshi Parasara said: O brahmin! You asked a very important question that will benefit everyone. I now reveal the secret common systems dash.

There are different types of dash in popularity, but for the average person of Vimshottari-Dasha - Dasha is the main. Some partial mention Ashtottara and Shadesofgrey-Dasha.

Oh brahmin! The ancients also referred to DataShuttle, Panetterie, Shatabdi Dashi and in the same category, there also exist Chaturachinda-sama, Dicaprate-sama, Shasti-hayani, shat-trimeta-sama Dasha. All these Dasha based on the Nakshatra.

Other types of dash

48:6-11. The Rishis also mention of Kala and Chakra Dasha. But of these dash Kala Dasha has the most recognition. Oh brahmin! In addition to these dash, some spoke of Chara, Sthira, Kendra, Karaka and Brahma-graha the dash. Oh vipra! Besides them there are still Manduchi, Shula, Yogaraja, Driga Dashi, a list of which is completing the Trikon and Rashii Dasha.

Oh brahmin! Panchasara-Dasha, Yogini-Dasha, Pinda-Dasha, AMSA-Dasha, Noiselike-Dasha, Astavarga-Dasha, Sandhya-Dasha, Pachaka-Dasha, Tara Dasha, and the like are other types of dash. However, not all of these types of dash accepted unanimously.


48:12-14. Since Came the rulers of the dash is consistently Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Rahu, Guru, Shani, budha, Ketu and Sukra in three cycles of the nakshatras. The number of the nakshatras between Krittikas and Janma-parameters works you need to divide by 9. The remainder will indicate the number of the ruler of the Dasha, if you count from Surge. (Even if the remainder is 5, then the ruler of the Dasha at the time of birth will be the Guru. The sequence dash will go in the same order, that is after Guru Dasha is of Shani, then Chandra, Ketu and so on).

Oh brahmin! Purna-Ayu (full life expectancy) of a person in the age of Kali-Yuga is equal to 120 years. So Vimshottari-Dasha is the first system dash among different systems.

the Duration of majadas (major periods):

48:15. The number of years assigned to each graha (the ruler of the Dasha), Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Rahu, Guru, Shani, Budha, Ketu and Sukra the same respectively 6, 10, 7, 18, 16, 19,17, 7 and 20 years old. Dasha at the time of birth is determined by the Nakshatra that is Chandra during birth is called Janma Nakshatra.


48:16. Multiply the number of years of Dasha of the graha whose Dasha was the birth, on Baiatu (passed part one), and divide the result by Bhabha (full length one). The resulting value represents the time passed in the Dasha of the graha to the moment of birth. Subtracting that value from the full duration of the Dasha of the graha is the ratio of Dashi.

Maharshi Parasara, Brihat-Parashara-Hora-sastra, Chapter 48 (excerpt)

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article: The calculation of the periods of life in the tradition of Jyotish

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