The lunar calendar haircuts hair


Vedic astrologers, Wise men of antiquity, recommended to treat hair in accordance with the lunar cycles. For this, they created the Lunar calendar haircuts. They determined that haircut on auspicious days of the lunar month improves the condition of hair, making them more lush and even prevent baldness. Adverse - contrary, prevents the growth of hair, makes them fragile and brittle and sometimes even leads to hair loss and premature baldness. Therefore, for those who look sufficiently representative and to have healthy, strong and beautiful hair, you should adhere to simple rules of hair care, which defined Jyotisha ancient Vedic astrologers.

Lunar calendar haircuts hair

From the point of view of Vedic astrology, on the hair directly effects the fullness of the moon. If hair care is associated with causing hair to a certain stress, for example, if a haircut or hair coloring, such actions should produce at the time when the Moon is full or close to fullness. In the General case for this kind of hair care products suitable days of the second and third quarters of the lunar month, Starting from eighth lunar day and the twenty-third.

Days of hair-care

Just keep in mind the day of the week in which care occurs.

Tuesday and Saturday should not perform actions with your hair under any circumstances. These days are under the control of Mars and Saturn respectively. And these planets will have an adverse impact on Your hair.

Favorable days for hair care are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These days are respectively under the control of the planets: Sun, Moon, mercury, Jupiter, Venus. These days the most auspicious days for haircuts - this Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday, a dye - Monday, Thursday and Friday. However, if You decide to combine trimming with staining, any of these days will be quite favorable, but especially Thursday.

If the motive for hair care is to achieve a certain goal, it should be remembered that the hair care on Sunday and Monday will help to improve Your social status and increase Your importance in the team. The hair care products in the environment will add dynamism and bring you success, whatever You were doing. Thursday will bring You a variety of benefits such as new friends, the completion of the family, various real estate and money. Permanent hair care products on Friday will give You sexiness, appeal, open up the prospect of new friends with the opposite sex.

However, you should understand that this rule is given in General. For each individual, it should also be borne in mind in which house of a Natal chart is the moon in the day when You plan to perform haircut or hair color. If it is 6, 8 or 12th house from the Natal moon, then You should choose a different day. Transits of the moon in these houses can lead to undesirable results.


Favorable maintenance hair is possible during the second and third quarters of the lunar month, days eight through twenty-third, it is important that the day of the week were Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and the Transit of the moon through the houses of the Natal chart was not necessary for 6, 8 and 12 houses. Also, avoid the full moon, the days 14, 15 and 16 lunar month.

In most cases, You can use calculated calendars:

For that would be to plan ahead of time proper care of hair, and any other important things in General, I recommend to use Lunar calendar, are tailored to Your individual circumstances.
Many Blessings!
article: The lunar calendar haircuts hair

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