Meditation at the full Moon in the night from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd June 2015

Meditation 02.06.2015

The maximum difference of the Sun and moon happens 2 June 2015 in 12 hours 15 minutes GMT. At this time, the Sun will be in Taurus (Vrishabha or Visa), and therefore the dominant energy in the space will correspond to the characteristics of this sign. The moon placed in Scorpio (Vrishchika). Interesting is the fact that the root forming the token names in Sanskrit, namely Vrish (writ) means something secret, hidden, lurking or even hiding and keeping things from each other, thereby pointing to the hidden meaning of effect of this pair of characters.

full Moon on the night from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd Jun 2015

The sign of Taurus (Vrisha) symbolizes: family, parents, inheritance and financial returns; the sign of Scorpio (Vrishchika): financial income, including inheritance, his own family. We See that both signs are creating some financial axis and the axis of genus passing from Your past (family parents) in Your present and further into the future (own family). However, I repeat that the main impact in this period will provide the sign in which the Sun is, and this Taurus.


    Managing planet: Venus.

    Quality: is Stationary, the earth, Kapha.

    Key concept: Maintains stability; focused on the possession and preservation.

    Favorable features: Productive; hardy; thorough and meticulous; materialist; persistent; patient; reliable; conservative; has a strong will, loyal and honest.

    Adverse features: inflexible; boring, tedious; greedy; selfish; indulge yourself; reluctantly takes on a new; reactionary, bigoted; stubborn; jealous; hoarder.

Meditation at the full moon, when the Sun is in Taurus, has a significant impact on Your financial situation and improves Your ability to procreate, brings revival and transformation. These impacts particularly strongly on those people who are engaged in the arts and various creative realization, restaurant. Participation in this period in creative projects, as described below meditation, will give a pronounced positive effect.

For meditation, you can choose a mantra, concentration on a chakra or mixed method.

Read at this time are most suitable mantra:
- Om Namah Noise Shukriya planetary mantra of Venus.
- Klim is the seed mantra of desire, love and attraction.
Lam - relating to the earth and root chakra, gives a grounded, stability and contentment. It strengthens Venus and Mars, as well as helps prevent the negative effects of malefic Saturn.

The mantra should be repeated 108 times or read for half hour to an hour.

In meditation, focusing on chakra should concentrate on Muladhara. Traditionally, this chakra is the point between the genitals and the anus. For the implementation of meditation you can really concentrate on this point. Less than the wide circles believe that the Muladhara and other chakras are not points, but are a belt body that includes some organs, specific functionality. Is believed that Muladhara is not the point between the genitals and the anus, this is sexual organs and the anus.

Thus we come to the second method of meditation on the Muladhara. The point of this meditation is that would be performing smooth breaths, compress the perineum (genitalia and anus) at the moment when the lungs are empty and carry out breath after their relaxation. This technique refers to the techniques of direct control over our own internal resources.

Many Blessings!
article: Meditation at the full Moon in the night from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd June 2015

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