Meditation at the full moon in the night from 26 to 27 and from 27 to 28 October 2015


Maximum confrontation at this time, the Moon and the Sun reached at 12 o'clock Moscow time on 27 October 2015. The sun is in Libra (Tula), which is under the control of Venus, and so at this full moon will dominate the Venusian vibration. Libra is the sign of fall for the Sun, it is in him the weakest, and therefore manifests itself most harmful. The moon Is in the sign of Aries (Mesha), under the control of Mars. Mars and Venus will be in Leo (Simha) and will enter into the planetary confrontation. Mars in conjunction with the "falling" of the Sun will have a hard depressing effect on Venus. Happens substitution of the Venusian vibrations of creativity, goodness and prosperity fiery vibrations tending to pronounced tamasic condition, bearing the frustration, irritability, and aggression.

a View of the planet Venus for meditation


to offset the impact of excess fire tamasic vibrations during this period, it is recommended to pay more attention walking down the street. Possibly worth a couple or three days to visit the pool. In any case, you should not enter into a dispute, neither at work nor at home. Better in this period give in. All this will improve the quality fiery vibration to rajas, and sattva; and will increasingly manifest the creativity and goodness of the Venusian vibration.

a View of the Vedic deities of the Buddha for meditation


you can Meditate in the evening, night and day, in any of these days. Anytime meditation kindly take a toll on the psyche, creative potential and even on Your appearance, that is not unimportant during the period of the "fall" of the Sun.

As always, meditation can be a mantra or without. If You prepochitaet meditation without mantras, it is recommended to carry out the meditation with the concentration on the object. As the object of concentration is best to use the image of the planet Venus, or the way Shukri - a Hindu deity identified with Venus.

meditation with mantra is well suited mantra:

  • Om - the mantra is always good.
  • Noise seed mantra of Venus.
  • Ohms Noise Shukriya Namah - mantra of Venus.
  • SIM the seed mantra of Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and abundance. Applied to Venus as the mantra is addressed to the heart, crying out of happiness and love.
  • Klim seed mantra of desire, love and attraction. It is related to the God Krishna, who gives bliss (Ananda) and Sundari, the goddess of love and beauty.
  • You - gives you the mobility, sensitivity and fluidity, enhances water planets — moon, Venus and Jupiter.

the Duration of meditation 30-60 minutes or 108 repetitions of the chosen mantra.

Goodness to You!

the Consultation

If You feel some depression, emptiness or confusion in the last days, please contact help to the Vedic astrologer. Perhaps the solution to Your problems has a strong astrological reasons.

article: Meditation at the full moon in the night from 26 to 27 and from 27 to 28 October 2015

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