Meditation at the full moon from 24 to 25 November and from 25 to 26 November 2015


Maximum confrontation of the Sun and moon will happen in 22 hours 45 minutes Moscow time (GMT +3), 25 November 2015. At this time, the Sun will be in Scorpio sign in conjunction with the planets mercury and Saturn. The moon is located in Taurus in the fourth quarter of the Nakshatra of Krittika.

the Rulers of the signs, Mars (Scorpio) Venus (Taurus), this time will be in Virgo in conjunction with Rahu. Traditionally, Rahu carries the fiery energy of destruction. In connection with Mars's energy is magnified and has a very depressing effect on Venus, and through her to the moon.

Therefore, the over-saturation of violent fiery vibrations in this period may conceal a danger.



despite the fact that the Moon will be in its greatest degree of force, should this period be especially careful.

Nakshatra of Krittika personifizierte six mothers Karttikeya, the son of Shiva, and is associated with anger and determination. Education Karthikai the Came (six mothers) is well described by the well-known proverb: "the seven nurses child without the eye". Getting parenting Critic, Karttikeya was not only the God of War, but the King of thieves and crooks.

Given the co-location of Mars and Venus, it should be remembered that special care and restraint during this period will not be superfluous.

That would give excessive fire Stationoct (the highest vibration), it is recommended to do more Hiking and to visit the pool. Such activities transformerait furious fire directed outward, in the inner power of creativity and creation and will help to achieve both in social and in spiritual spheres.



Traditionally, meditation on the full moon we perform in the dark. Because this meditation can be done in the evening or night from the evening of 24 on the morning of 26 November.

Meditation can be like a mantra, and without it. Meditation from hour to hour, or 108 repetitions of the mantra. The position for meditation it is advisable to choose in such a way that the face was turned that way, which at the moment is the Moon.

meditation with mantras you can use one of the following mantras:

  • OM - the universal mantra. Although, you need to understand that it is appropriate to read at dawn, as these are traditionally considered to be the sound of the rising Sun;
  • Ohms Noise Shukriya Namaha - name mantra of Venus;
  • Noise seed mantra of Venus;
  • Om Shanti Shanti Shanti mantra peace carrier;
  • Klim seed mantra of desire, love, and attraction;
  • Lam gives a grounded, stability and satisfaction;
  • You - gives you the mobility, sensitivity and fluidity.

Many Blessings to You!

the Consultation

If You feel some depression, emptiness or confusion in the last days, ask for help Vedic astrology. Perhaps the solution to Your problems has a strong astrological reasons.

article: Meditation at the full moon from 24 to 25 November and from 25 to 26 November 2015

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