The nature of the nakshatras

DHRUVA (fixed)

One: Rohini, Uttara-Phalguni, Sravana, Bhadra

When the Moon passes in these stars, work on long-term outcome, such as planting seeds, moving into a new house, oaths and vows, the purchase of land, laying of Foundation, treatment of chronic disease. Started at this time will bring good and stable results.

the Nature of the nakshatras

in this case or DARUNEE (sharp, irritable)

One Mule, Hasta, Jyeshta, Aslesha

a high probability of success in adverse activities, e.g., invocation of evil spirits or a curse, causing harm to others, separating from others, accusations and quarrels, the reading giving the power of mantras.

URGA (terrible)

One: the Shiva, Rohini, poorva-Phalguni, Sravana, Bhadra

the Right time for low, poisoning or imprisoning others, for arson, fraud and other adverse cases. Or digging wells, demolition of houses, the work of poison, fire or weapons, trimming of trees.

BENEFIC (easy)

One Hasta, Aśvinī, Pushya, Abhijit

home business, gratification, education and training, jewelry making, home treatment, travel, moving, sports.

MRIDU (soft)

One: Anuradha, Chitra, revati, Mrigasira

it is Recommended that activities such as wearing new clothes, sex for conception, art classes, celebrations and rituals.

is OPERATING (combined)

One: Krittika, Visakha

it is Possible to engage in routine activities, daily chores, not to begin new important work.

CHARA (movable)

One: Sravana, Stabila, Swati, Dhanishta, Rohini

short-lived, fleeting, transient things, for example, purchase of vehicles, gardening, travel

-- Bangalore Venkata Raman, Muhurta


For the success of the use lunar calendar, tailored to the individual characteristics and the locality in which it operates.

Many Blessings to You!

article: The nature of the nakshatras

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what should be dealt with depending on the passage of the Moon in a particular Nakshatra

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