The timing of the occurrence of psychological problems

Planetary influence

To determine the time of occurrence of psychological discomfort or disorders can be used the same techniques, starting with the main method of the sequence dash (planetary periods). As a rule, any adverse planetary influence will affect mental state, even if it applies primarily to a different aspect of life. Illness,career setbacks, financial setbacks, problems in the relationship typically has negative effects on mental state.

Determining the time of occurrence of psychological problems

Planetary periods

since the Moon is the primary indicator of the emotional nature, her periods (Dasha) will carry the emotional sphere of peace or upset, depending on its position in the horoscope. If the Moon is amazed that her periods are likely to be a time of emotional frustration, unhappiness and suffering. Almost certainly it can be argued, if the inside of the big period of the moon are small periods of malicious planets such as the Moon-Rahu, Moon-Saturn, Moon-Ketu and Moon-Mars. Generally, Moon-Rahu — is the most difficult. Moon-mercury can be difficult due to the fact that both planets involved are responsible for the state of mind.

mercury as an indicator of intelligence, if the affected during your period will affect the mental life and will give psychological problems. It is well known that in the sub period mercury-Rahu made erroneous judgments, in particular, astrologers and physicians. Combines the periods of the moon and mercury, as already mentioned, can also contain a challenge.

Rahu is the main indicator of the mental and spiritual turmoil and unrest that may manifest during his periods. During the period Rahu sub-periods, the malicious planets or planets that are responsible for the state of mind can be difficult, particularly Rahu-Moon, Rahu-mercury, Rahu-Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Rahu-Mars. The sub periods of Rahu involving the owners of the fourth and fifth houses, too, are a challenge to the Affairs of these houses, their emotional and intellectual potential.

Periods of Saturn is often given the delay, failure, stress and depression. These troubles will affect the mind during the sub periods of the planets influencing the mind — such as Saturn-Moon and Saturn-Rahu. However, the Saturn-mercury are not so difficult because these two planets in a joint effect on the mind strengthening effect.

Periods of the owner of the fourth house when it is damaged or is in bad sub period, also can cause emotional difficulties and mental injury. Similarly, the periods of the owner of the fifth house, if he struck or in a bad sub period, contribute to the appearance of incorrect judgments about ideas and strong-willed efforts in the wrong direction.

Especially bad is the combination of the two malicious planets in their joint periods, if in the horoscope they affect the fourth and fifth house. For example, if Rahu was in the fourth house, and Mars is the aspecting fourth house, then in the period of Rahu-Mars, most likely, there would be outbursts of anger, conflicts, and emotional anxiety.

a Difficult transition

The same thing was said about the planetary periods, as is true of the transits, although the final results will be shown to be weaker or of shorter duration (even if the transits occur on the background of unfavorable planetary periods).

Seven-and-a-half years of transit of Saturn on Natal moon called sadhe-sati. This transit is well known to cause emotional difficulties and mental anxiety. It starts when Saturn is 45° to the Natal moon and continues until, until it is 45° after it. If the Moon suddenly appears in the mental signs such as Gemini and Virgo, the effect of this transit on the mental condition will be even stronger. Transits other pests on the moon like Rahu, Ketu and Mars, too, can be difficult.

mercury transits from the complex suffers not as much as Moon, but still he is experiencing some difficulties, especially during the transits of Rahu and Mars. Malicious transits in the first, fourth and fifth houses also have an impact, to the detriment of the ego (first house), emotions (the fourth house), mind and intelligence (fifth house).
-- David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology.


You can read the duration of certain planetary periods in Your life, getting birthday horoscope. It shows the main periods (Dasas or the first level) and sub-period (Antar-Dasha or second level periods). Even smaller division of the periods of life, up to the third and fourth levels available love horoscope and horoscope year.

lunar calendar You will find recommendations for achieving success in a particular activity even during the most adverse periods of life.

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article: The timing of the occurrence of psychological problems

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Determining the time of occurrence of psychiatric problems

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