Signs Of Raja Yoga (Raja Yoga-Lakshana)


the person whose birth chart has Raja Yoga, are clear signs (part of) her on his hands and feet.

28:2 Line luck

the Line runs from the wrist to the base of the ring finger, is called "Punya-Rekha" (line showing the virtuous acts done by person in his previous births), and the line fit to the base of the middle finger, is called "Urdhva-Rekha" (line goes back up). These Rekha (lines) show whether there is a possibility of obtaining a Kingdom person.

Signs of Raja Yoga


the Man, who is in the middle of the thumb is a sign in the form of an ear of barley will be great, he will adorn his race, will have extraordinary jewelry and be courteous (polite, helpful).

28:4 Other favorable lines

the Man on the palm or the foot of which there is a line in the shape of an elephant, umbrella, fish well, rod for controlling elephants, Vyny (a musical instrument of the lute type), would be the best (greatest) king.


the man with the lines on the palm, shaped like a garland, Kamandalu (a miserable bowl) and (or) a ploughshare, will be king according to its origin (i.e. its status), because to be king is the status of his kind.

the Man with the lines on the palm or the foot, resembling a wheel, a bow (for arrows), flag, Lotus, Camaro, asana (Mat), will own in your house, chariot, palanquin (litter), that is, a vehicle, and sheds (buildings for animals), in which horses and elephants.

the Man with the lines on the palm or foot shaped like a column, a horse, a tree, an urn (vase), Mace (pestle), the Mridang (musical instrument) or the rod will get inexhaustible Rajya-Lakshmi (the abundant riches), will become head of the Pandits or seller of wine.

the Man, whose head is round, the forehead is very large, elongated eyes toward the ears, and the hands reach the knees, would be king (strong and great) like Indra - the God of Gods.

the Man, whose nose is straight, the chest wide as a big lump belly deep feet thin and red, will be king.

the Man with the birthmark on the palm will get a wealth continuously, and the one who has to stop is the sign of a wagon or a birthmark, will be king.

the Man, who is gay, whose heart is free, who is proud of his origins, speaks sweetly, is kept away from politics, who is meek and polite to his Guru and grateful to be king.

the above results are valid for people born in the Royal family - so say the ancient sages. For a person born in another (non-Royal) family, the results should be considered, given his status in society.

the Signs mentioned above, give complete results if they are clear (distinct). Signs must be on the right palm and foot men, and on the left palm and foot women.

Pandit Dhundiraj, Jataka-Sharanam.
article: Signs Of Raja Yoga (Raja Yoga-Lakshana)

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Signs Of Raja Yoga

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