Sade-Sati. The ruthless action of Saturn


It's seven and a half year passage of Saturn, the twelfth, the first and second Lunar houses of the Natal chart. This is considered an unfavorable time for the person and brings great changes, and sometimes even death. Practice shows that in case of unfavorable position of Saturn in the Natal chart the period of Sade-Sati can begin a little earlier than Saturn reaches the twelfth house counted from the Natal moon, and will end later, as Saturn leaves the second house of the Natal moon. Thus, the period can last about eight to eight and a half years.

Sade-Sati. The ruthless action of Saturn

During this period, three changes occur involving the same areas of life. The first change occurs at the time of entry of Saturn in the period of Sade-Sati, the second at the time of passing of a degree close to the degree of the Natal moon and a third on the threshold of the exit of Saturn from the period of Sad-Sati.

What areas of life affect of Saturn at this time?

The areas that will be happening changes are reflected in the Natal chart:
1. in the houses owned by Saturn.
2. the house in which Saturn is located;
3. the house in which the Moon;
4. in the house, which is owned by the Moon;
5. in the house, which is the owner of the house Natal moon;
6. aspects on the houses of the Natal chart.


Saturn is in the Natal chart in the fifth house in the sign Mesha (Aries). For Saturn this is the worst location because of its periods of Sad-Sati is long enough. This position of Saturn may aggravate perhaps the only thing, if he was not in the fifth house and twelfth. Being in the fifth house, Saturn is the owner of the second and third houses. The moon is in the seventh house and is the owner of the eighth. The owner of seventh house is mercury and he is in the tenth house in the sign Kanya (Virgo) in the place of its exaltation.

Thus, in the period of Sade-Sati we are dealing with houses:
1. The second family of parents, speech, nutrition, income, inheritance, death;
2. Third - siblings, short trips, business activity;
3. Fifth - education, intellect, children, the ability to distinguish;
4. Seventh - marriage, sex, business partnership, foreign countries, change of place of residence;
5. Eighth - a long illness, enemies;
6. Tenth, profession, achievements;

The main aspects on the house of a Natal chart:
1. Twelfth - death, liberation, losses, foreign travel;
2. First - the body, health;
3. The second family of parents, speech, nutrition, income, inheritance, death.

At the time of birth Saturn was in the eleventh house from the Natal moon, because the first period of Sade-Sati began quite early, around age eighteen months to two years and continued until about nine or ten years. At this time, changes of place of residence, circle of friends (friends), places, activities (in this case, education), family structure of parents. The result is a threefold repetition of such changes during this period, the man was in incredible distance from the place of his birth, surrounded by people completely different mentality. After the first period of Sade-Sati, the situation is miraculously stabilized for decades.

Shani - Saturn

The second period of Sad-Sati caught the man at the moment when he had his own family, children and work. The entry into the Garden-Sati marked a change in family status, separation from children, radical change of working place, change of residence, circle of friends, gaining of enemies, which was not observed in childhood. Soon formed a Family again disintegrated at the moment of passing by Saturn's close degree the degree of the Natal moon. This was accompanied by a new long-range move, a new change of a place of work, circle of friends, gaining enemies and a new intimacy with the opposite sex. However, and this provision was not stable and not long-term. It all fell apart again with the completion of the period of Sad-Sati, has led to new developments in all these areas and new enemies. Health in some point it was undermined, which was the consequence of the aspect of Natal Saturn Ligny.

Now the situation in the mentioned spheres of life again stable. And if you do not take corrective measures the harmful effects of planets that will bring the next period of Sade-Sati, can only guess.

In conclusion I want to say that most of the false events that happen in our lives that could have been avoided, if we knew the true causes of their origin. Because people looking for harmony in life, are invited to astrological consultation and the development of protective methods from the ravages of Saturn in the period of Sade-Sati.

With respect and wish the best!

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article: Sade-Sati. The ruthless action of Saturn

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the seven-year period of Saturn's Sade-Sati

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