A variety of predictive tools. The sah.


Sah - point sensitive in one area of life/activity. Studied in addition to considered the house. The house is an indicator of many things, the sah - only one of something. Keshava gave 21 Mar Nilakanta 50. Some important sahami given in the table. The planets/signs influencing the sea, indicate a period of change in the area designated to them.

a Variety of predictive tools. The sah


1PunyaLuckthe Moon-Sol+AscSol-Moon+Asc
2VidyaEducationSol-Moon+AscLuna Sol+Asc
5GauravaRespect, recognition, respectabilityyup-Luna+SolMoon-Jup+Sol
7ArthaWealth2 house–households.2+AscUtility.2-2 Dom+Asc
8VanijyaOccupation, professionMoon-merc+AscMerk-Moon+Asc
9Siddhigood Luck, successSat Sol+Mgr.SolSat-Moon+Mgr.Of the moon
10SamanthaSkills, entrepreneurshipMars-Lines+AscLines-Mars+Asc
11CaliFight, strifeJup-Mars+AscMars-Jup+Asc
12MrtyuDeath8th house-Moon+AscMoon-8th house+Asc
13SantapaGrief, sorrowSat-Moon+VI houseMoon-Sat+VI house
14JadiaCron. diseaseMars-Sat+mercSat-Mars+merc
16BandanaSlavery, dependencepunya(1)-Sat+AscSat-punya(1)+Asc
17Apparicio"bad death" an accident8th house-Mars+AscMars-8th house+Asc
19PitrFatherSat Sol+AscSaul-Sat+Asc
24SraddhaDedication, sincerityVen-Mars+AscMars-Ven+Asc
25ParaderExtramarital AffairsVeins-Sol+AscSol-Ven+Asc
26PradeshLife abroad9дом-хоз9+AscХоз9-9дом+Asc
27Galapathaa long trip (overseas)105°-Sat+AscSat-105°+Asc

note 1

If not the ascendant is the degree between the minuend and the subtrahend to get to the sea, to the formula you need to add 30°. For example, we find the Punya Mar in K-1. The birth of night.

the Punya si = Sol-Moon+Asc=3s21º4′-10s19°57′+11s13°39′=4s14°46′ (Leo-mercury)

Since the ascendant (Pisces) is a sign between Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Cancer, 30° do not add up.

note 2

Planets/signs that communicate with the saham or its disposition must specify the event denoted by the saham. The planets/signs, giving free ARGAL (intervention) should support this case, while the planets/signs to make it difficult for ARGAL, should prevent the events. To Mar gave good results, ARGAL should be stronger than the barrier (virtural).

--Sanjay Rath, "the Difficulty of Vedic astrology - timing of events".
article: A variety of predictive tools. The sah.

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The identification and study of point sensitive to one of the spheres of life, activities

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