Single women

Some observations of Dr. Ms. Srirama Mishra

The modern era and cosmopolitan lifestyle have completely changed the socio-cultural environment. The increasing acceptance of gender equality and reduction in class and caste barriers offer a quiet and independent life, but it is implemented in society. All these factors give individuals the opportunity to lead the lives they choose for themselves that were previously impossible due to economic, social, cultural and emotional reasons. Now the result has been a higher percentage of single women.


Single women — those who by choice or by chance had taken a life without a spouse and children. These women live their lives with due respect from the contemporaries.

It can be argued that this situation existed before, when the girls, widowed in childhood, were different from other lifestyle single women.

The factors leading to the status of single women, mostly coincide with the factors that delayed the marriage. You need to carefully define and explore the subtle difference between these two cases.

the Main factors leading to the absence of a marriage

  • If any of the three planets — Venus, the Sun or the Moon is in conjunction or aspectarian Saturn, or is in the Nakshatra of Saturn, especially if it's the Moon, there is a possibility of celibacy.
  • If the Sun, Moon or ruler of the fifth are in conjunction with Saturn or gets the aspect of Saturn, there is a possibility of celibacy.
  • If the seventh house has no planets and the Moon, in the case of women, or the Sun, in the case of men, aspectarian Saturn from the sign of Scorpio, there can be no assurance that the person will marry.
  • If Lagna, seventh ruler and Venus are in a barren sign, i.e. Gemini, Leo and Virgo also include here some Sagittarius, there is a possibility of celibacy.
  • Pests in the sixth, seventh and eighth houses or pest on either side of the seventh house is unfavorable for marriage.
  • If Saturn is in the seventh house along with a pest or pests aspectarian, there is a danger of celibacy.
  • Venus and the Moon in opposition with no beneficial aspect is unfavorable for marriage.
  • Venus with the Moon, aspectarian Mars and Saturn, the seventh house has no aspect of benefactors; or pests in Lagna, seventh house and twelfth house are impediments to the marriage.
  • Seventh ruler in the twelfth house without any beneficial aspect and aspectarian Saturn, Sun and Rahu.
  • If the ruler of Lagna and Lagna ruler Navamsa located in Lagna of birth horoscope and Venus is affected, is formed Muni yoga. Such a person will turn to philanthropic activities and will not marry.
  • In a female horoscope, if the pest is in the seventh house and the ninth house are any planet is formed Sannyasa yoga that is unfavorable for marriage.
  • If hit by the second and seventh house from Upapada, the chances to marry are very small.
  • Defeat the eighth house Navamsa leads to problems with marriage.
  • mercury Retrograde creates obstacles for marriage.
  • In most cases defeat of Darkaruki entails celibacy.

Observation of Draupadi Paradise

do Not contribute to the marriage the following- the indices:

  • Close the degrees of Saturn and Venus and snotvornoe effect on Venus (e.g., the connection with Saturn or aspect to Mars).
  • Retrograde planets in the seventh house, the seventh ruler is retrograde, in the fall or burned retrograde planets in reliant.
  • Fifth house and the fifth ruler of the moon or of Venus affected.
  • Defeat the twelfth and second houses, the defeat of Upapada and Drukarki.
  • Larakaraka retrograde, retrograde planet in Upapada or in the seventh house from Upapada.
  • Connection of Saturn, Mars and the connection of Venus and the moon.
  • Aspect of Saturn on the Sun and the moon in all three horoscopes Rashi, Navamsha and Trimsamsa.
  • Second steward is burnt, and a retrograde planet in second and seventh houses.
  • Venus and mercury located in the seventh house and aspectarian pests.
  • ruler of the Lagna in the fall and the eighth ruler in the twelfth house.
  • Connection of the ruler of the Lagna and the sixth ruler in the twelfth house in the horoscope of birth.
  • Defeat the eighth house from Lagna, moon and Venus in the Rashi, Navamsha and Trimsamsa.

the Main reasons for celibacy:

  • Social status.
  • financial status.
  • the Presence of Brahmacharya in yoga, Sannyasa yoga or Muni yoga in the horoscope.
  • Employment in social services.
  • disability.
  • Large ambitions.
Single women: an astrological approach. Edited by K. N. RAO. Per. from English. Natalia Gaykalova — Moscow: World Of Urania. — 2010. — 176 p.
article: Single women

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