Protective mantra from Snakes


the History of protective mantra from the serpent described in the First part of the great Mahabharata. It arose out of gratitude, the serpent of merit of the sage astika, nephew of the ruler of the snake Kingdom of the great snake Vasuki. Astika saved the tribe from the serpent the great snake sacrifice in the fire which burned millions of snakes. In gratitude for this act of snake people promised the Astika to get rid of fear of snakes in anyone who will praise the act or Astiki to say a special mantra.

Protection mantra from Snakes

Snake effect

According to the story of the Snake sacrifice described in the great epic Mahabharata, the major negative impact the snakes is carried out by poisoning with poison as a result of sudden bite. Poisoning is compared to the action of fire. Of poisoning said that Snakes consume their bite like this makes the fire.

Manifestation of the serpent's influence in astrology

In astrology, like a snake, and the impact on a person has Mars. It can have a negative impact because of the serious surplus or power shortage in the map.

Its impact is manifested as injuries or accidents which are accompanied by bleeding, surgical operations, in acute infectious diseases, accompanied by fever, different kinds of intoxication, the result of drugs or a variety of household intoksikatory (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.). As a result of his influence there is a fever, inflammation, burning sensation.

Under the influence of Mars there are diseases of the liver, gall bladder, hepatitis, jaundice, liver cancer, blood poisoning by toxins, externally manifested in abundant acne, boils, ulcers, herpes, or venereal diseases, diseases of the blood such as anemia, blood cancer, or leukemia. Mars causes stress, high blood pressure, heart attacks, all that is connected with disorder of the Fire.

Mantra propitiatory, turning the action of the Serpent

First of all, I want to note that the use of the mantra in any case does not negate the need to appeal to specialists of traditional medicine, monitoring and treatment means, recognized effective from experiencing illness. The mantra should be used as an additional tool aimed at providing spiritual support.

also, be aware that to propitiate the actions of Mars in the tradition there are other corrective means.

And so, in the great Mahabharata says: "he who remembers the saying: Asita, Artiman, Sunitha day or night, that will not have a fear of snakes".

good Mantra to say out loud or mentally in situations prior to the use of various intoxications, before surgery, in a situation the likelihood of injury or immediately to mitigate the existing effects formed by the imbalance of Fire

With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

article: Protective mantra from Snakes

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