Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015

the Solar Eclipse on 20.03.2015

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looks Like I'm the last of the astrologers, who decided to mention this event. However, this does not mean that I had overlooked. In fact they asked me to write about this about a month ago. But to write something that will be mentioned in the network, namely the time, duration and regions of the visibility seemed to me not quite correct. I decided to wait and wait for what is called a Vision. Due to some internal perception of my vision comes within three days from a particular event. This vision can catch me either in a dream, all the same more than twenty years of practice of the Toltec dreaming (lucid dreams) or in waking state. Wake up it happens, as if pivoting from the void. In fact what happened.

Solar Eclipse 20 March 2015

so. What told Vision? It is said that a Solar Eclipse carries the Saturn vibration. This time, it's still painted in shades of Rahu (ferocity). In other words, the day of the Eclipse everyone will experience a strong influence of Saturn, and possibly high irritability because of the difficulty of implementation. In Jyotish it is considered that the Saturn is a pointer to old age, even antiquity, remoteness, seclusion, imprisonment, difficulties, sorrow, sickness, tardiness. Saturn is the planet which determines the fate. It is believed that to correct the influence of Saturn is not practically possible, it can only be experienced.

a Feature of this Eclipse is that it happens in the Trikon formed by a planetary alignment in the sign of Pisces Meena in Sanskrit, Jupiter in the sign of Cancer (Karka, translated as Raven) and Saturn in Scorpio (Vrishchika, loosely translated, is a hidden surprise).

In fact, the sign of Mine is not a Pisces and not Pisces :) the Pisces was just chosen as a symbol of the cycle, probably watching as they frolic in the water, prakusya tails at each other. Mine means the eternal interpenetration of the phenomenal world the Object (S) to something abstract, implicit, latent, hidden, perhaps hollow in nature (ON), a very similar phenomenon in the Chinese Yin-Yang. Sign Pisces in the tradition symbolizes the end of something and a new beginning of rebirth. In the same Moon sign are two Parking lots, one, characters which are two dragons, one fire, the other water. In General, as you can see, it takes a serious turn. :)

Actually, given these circumstances, we can conclude that the day from the astrological point of view is not just difficult, but to some extent, and deadly. And this is not a joke.

however, astrology would not exist if I did not give recommendations to overcome difficulties. Going overcome - GANESH (HANES) is the name of the patron deity of astrology (Jyotish).

How to overcome the coming crisis? Saturn is only one recipe - it is the worship of Ancestors. So, that would minimize the negative impact of Saturn in the upcoming Solar Eclipse, I recommend at least one day (!) with deep respect for their parents and their parents parents, helping the needy and it would be very good to do something, even the small donation to the temple of the religion, which is adopted in Your area. Temples is always a connection with the tradition, and hence with the ancestors!

I Wish you many Blessings!

article: Solar Eclipse March 20, 2015

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