Ayanamsa or why the Sun in that sign?

Quite often asks the question. The fact that the Sun is suddenly in the wrong sign, it used to be, it is the distrust of the horoscope. Many believe that this calculation error. But it is not.

the sun in that sign

the fact that the European astrological system of Jyotish and apply a different approach to the positioning signs of the zodiac in the sky. In fact, we now have two great systems. One is called the sidereal zodiac system, the other tropical. Simply put, the signs of the zodiac in these systems are shifted relative to each other to some degree. This offset is not constant and increases from year to year. This difference is called Ayanamsha and 2016 is about 24 degrees. How this value affects the position of the Sun in particular and other planets in General?

It affects about the way. For example if You were born in mid-August and used in the European horoscope to assume that You are a lion, due to the fact that the Sun Your is in the sign of Leo, according to Jyotish it would be wrong. According to Jyotish, the Sun's position You have birth chart will lag behind by about 24 degrees. This means that in mid-August, the Sun will still be in the sign Cancer. This also applies to other planets.

for More information, see the tropical zodiac or the sidereal, in the bottom of the page, after the description of themselves signs of the zodiac.

article: Ayanamsa or why the Sun in that sign?

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