Ten Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu

Ten avatar of Lord Vishnu there is a planetary correspondence, through which we can propitiate planets. This is the main method of atonement is referred to mostly classic astrological text, Brihat of Parasara Hora Sastra.

Ten Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu, out of compassion, voluntarily takes birth in the form of deities, governing the planets, to feed the souls of creatures, which in turn also compelled by karma to be born in the planetary rays. All incarnations are divine beings and creatures ignorant — occur due to planetary rays. When the Solar system comes to the end, soul creations merge with the planetary deities, who, in turn, are Vishnu, who in his Supreme incarnation, is the Supreme Person, Purushottama, who transcends time and space, birth and death.

Matsya — fish

Ketu to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of fish. It is the fish who saved Manu — the first man, Adam and of Noah in his family from the great flood, after which the world began a new cycle of creation. Ketu is associated with the destruction, which is a prelude to the new creation and its basis.

Worship Matsya-avatar gives a new creative power and allows you to "mine" new, sublime karma to move towards the divine, transforming and elevating the energy of Ketu.

Kurma — the tortoise

Saturn corresponds to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the incarnation of a tortoise. This is the great turtle of the world, carrying the universe on his back. Saturn is strong and harsh planet being greatest support in life, if we are able to cope with his energies.

The worship of the Kurma-Avatara gives us the power and support of the fundamental forces of the universe with the simultaneous transformation and sublimation of the energy of Saturn.

Varaha — the boar

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the image of Varaha, or the boar corresponds to Rahu. The boar rescues the Earth, and pulls her out of the universal mud. Rahu in its more sublime incarnation possesses all the qualities of the Savior and the Redeemer, which is manifested in the image of the goddess Durga, his surguries, as well as in incarnation of Lord Vishnu in his boar.

The worship of Varaha-Avatara allows you to get out of the swamp of ignorance, and shake off a lot of disgusting snakes that inhabit there, making the transformation and sublimation of Rahu energy.

Narasimha — man-lion

Man-lion — a symbol of courage, strength and will in a natural way corresponds to the planet Mars. Narasinha shows divine anger necessary to overcome ignorance and evil.

The adoration of Narasimha-avatar helps the anger to turn into divine righteousness and protection of Dharma. When this occurs, the transformation and sublimation of the Martian energy.

Vamana — the dwarf

Could be considered strange that Jupiter — the largest of all the planets — among the avatars of Vishnu is associated with the dwarf. However, Vamana the dwarf appears only at first. He grows in size and becomes a giant and measures the entire universe in just three steps.

In this regard, Vamana represents the power of the Jupiter wisdom, encompassing the whole universe a kind of threefold law. Worship Vamana brings us in contact with the Jupiter ability to organize life in harmony with the cosmic rhythm, while transforming and elevating personal qualities of the Jupiter.


Parasurama meets Venus. A warrior-brahmin, destroying the evil forces that dominate us while we are in a state of ignorance. In Vedic thought Venus is the guru or preceptor of the Asuras — negative, anti God forces of the universe. Parasurama represents the warlike aspect of Venus as the guru of the Asuras, which should pacify these negative characters. When these destructive forces enter under his guidance, he can instruct them on the divine path.

The worship of Parasurama helps us in the transformation and sublimation of the Venusian energy from sampoleonia to self-discipline.


Rama is the great king of the Dharma, the most brilliant of the princes of the solar dynasty, the representative of the cosmic order of Dharma on Earth and in human society. His principle — Rama Rajya — the principle of truth and divine light. Hence its Association with the Sun is quite appropriate. The frame can even be the name of the Sun.

Worship helps Frame the sunlight as the power of truth, justice and compassion to grow in our life, and also helps in the transformation and sublimation of solar energy.


Krishna is associated with the Moon as the great planet of beauty, pleasure, love and devotion, which is famous for Krishna. Along with this, Krishna was the great Prince of the lunar dynasty. Krishna like the moon, huge popularity and ability to lead the masses in motion.

The worship of Krishna helps us to transform and uplift the energy of the moon to the level of divine devotion and enjoyment bogosities.

the Buddha

It is not surprising that the Buddha corresponds to the planet mercury, or Budha in Sanskrit. Buddha — avatar of reason, logic, intelligence, and discernment (buddhi), escalating well placed mercury in the horoscope.

The veneration of the Buddha brings us into contact with more lofty spiritual qualities and the meditative intuition of the planet mercury, helping us to transform mercurially energy, to make it more purified.


Kalki is the tenth avatar that represents all nine planets together. Some believe that he will bring to Earth a new understanding of the Dharma that the modern world is unacceptable and dangerous. Worship can assist us in leveraging all nine planets in the correct direction to internal transformation and development.

David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology
article: Ten Avatar Of Lord Vishnu

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