Trimurti-new look at Human nature

Trimurti points on Human nature

Study of Vedic writings gave me the idea that everything they describe is not just a symbolic meaning, but it is quite practical. These symbols in most of them point to the nature of things, describe their properties, quality, variety principles of interaction with other prophetic.

In this article I tried in a summary form to show how the character in the form of a Hindu deity Trimurti indicates the nature of Man.

the Trimurti or a new perspective on Human nature

Trimurti is the Trinity. Combining the three most powerful Deities of Hinduism into one. I believe that the Trimurti is not some abstract Association of a religious character, and it is the meaning-bearing form indicating the structure of Man, his place in the World, in the broadest sense of the word, and the connection with the Great Divine powers.

In the Trimurti, the Union of the divine among the deities: Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Lord Siva.

Lord Vishnu - preserver of the World, with his companion or ally, assistant Garuda; Lord Brahma - the Creator of the World, with his companion - a Swan and Lord Siva - destroyer of the Worlds, with his companion bull, Nandi. This is the generally accepted distribution of posts among the deities. Although, in relation to Brahma and Vishnu no consensus either among contemporaries studying the ancient culture, nor among carriers of tradition. Who believes that Lord Vishnu is the Creator of the World and Lord Brahma his Keeper, who on the contrary. The nature of their differences are quite clear and it will become clear at the end of the article, when we analyze functional features of each of the deities and their satellites.

Triune deity of the Trimurti refers to the following aspects of human nature:
  • Structure the form of Man including the physical body, a variety of energy channels, Prana, Tatva, etc., in the form of Lord Brahma;
  • relation of Man with the Cosmic Consciousness, in the form of Lord viṣṇu;
  • the Manifestation of a Person by means of activities, in the form of Lord Shiva.

the Trimurti: Brahma, Swan, Garuda and Vishnu, Shiva and Nandi
Allies or satellites of the deities are symbols of the following aspects:
  • Swan - indicates the nature of the body, the symbol stands for the Central channel - Sushumna, and therefore the whole system of nadis channels that make up the human body by means of ensuring the flow of Prana - winds (prana can be translated as something earlier), bearing That Five - elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) which form all material in this World;
  • Garuda symbolizes the Attention (or Consciousness) (can be translated as something movable and luminous), which is essentially akin to the original reasons for the emergence not only of man, but of Space itself, without forms and elements in a state of disorder, chaos, in the form of pure potential - the absolute abstraction. This is the bridge that is capable of transferring the Person to the level of transcendental beings that can survive even the damping of the oscillations of Cosmic consciousness occurring at the change of Kalpas;
  • Nandi symbolizes the principle of action. Nadi translates as "joyful." The bull Nandi is to be understood as "Acting powerfully in a state of joy." Or in a certain Special State of mind, which contributes to the Commission of over and above effort and allows you to achieve the most incredible results. However, the understanding of a Particular Condition is necessary to elaborate and comprehend.

As seen from the description, Lord Vishnu represents the very Consciousness of man, his Attention, at that time, as Lord Brahma symbolizes the manifestation of the allegedly objectively existing material world. Considering the materiality of the objective, of course Lord Brahma has to be the Creator of the World, describing the deity as the primordial cause of this World. However, recently there is a view that the material World does not exist objectively. That it is subjective and depends on what aspects of the material we focus on. In this case, as Creator of the World is the Attention or Consciousness, which creates the illusory picture of the material World. And it is Lord Brahma, essentially describing the formation and proper functioning of the physical body, as proof of the reality of the world, arisen in the Mind definitely plays a supporting role and is the guardian of the World. In fact the materiality of the body (Lord Brahma) convinces Consciousness (Lord Vishnu) that he perceived the World of the tangible and not an illusion.

This understanding of the ancient Hindu Deities, in my opinion, opens up new prospects of Human development and allows ancient writings to discover the secret methods of self-development with their detailed explanation in the form of images, which, we are told, are carefully hidden by the keepers of the traditions. In any case, the great works of antiquity worthy of our deepest attention and study.

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article: Trimurti-new look at Human nature

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Trimurti is a reflection of human nature

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