Vedic deities of the planets. The sun

the Sun

the Main Vedic name of the Sun — Surya, which translates as motivating, inspiring, encouraging, uplifting. Surya is the deity (Devata which rules saptami) of the Sun. He, being the guiding force of the universe, as Executive power of the cosmos and the cosmic mind, sets everything in motion. Surya is the great deity, the sending of the cosmic processes, the solar logos or a cosmic self-existent being. He is in all beings, the cosmic will to the growth, evolution and development of consciousness.

the Sun. Vedic deities of the planets

In the Vedic thought the Sun has many names, such as Savitar (the mastermind), Aditya (primary mind) and Bhaskara (Creator of light). Diverse range of solar gods, such as the Aditya (Mitra, Varuna, ARYAMAN and BHAGA), manages different Nakshatra, months, seasons, times of day and other temporal cycles. For example, a Miter say, what is the name of the rising sun, Indra, the sun, and Varuna, sunset. Generally, Surya — it is rather a deity of the solar disk, while Savitar — being or consciousness, the Purusha of the Sun.

Agni, or Fire is everhopeful (adhidaiva) of the Sun. Agni is God of Fire in all its guises, represents the fire as a cosmic force. It is not just a material fire, but it is also the fire of life, the fire of the soul, the divine fire, or the flame of the spirit, implicitly manifested in the universe. This cosmic fire manifests itself through the Sun, which passes the fire, heat, light, and colors in all types.

the Sun represents God, or the Lord of the Universe in its General outline, as the cosmic male principle. According to the Hindu Dharma, the basic form of the great God is Shiva, Mahadeva. Shiva is sorbogel (prachathipat) of the Sun. Siva means one who is blissful is at rest and peace. He also refers to a state of death and liberation (Moksha). Or Shiva is called shambhu Shankara — the giver and the Creator of that kindly and peaceful, as well as Sadashiva — One who is eternally blissful Shiva or forever. Astrologically the Sun is the original light and the ultimate abode of the just.

However, not only Shiva but also Vishnu can be seen as sverhbogatyh for the Sun. Vishnu is the preserver of the universe, the One who maintains the cosmic order. It takes the shape of a Sun God, much like the Greek Apollo. In this regard, It is commonly called Surya-Narayana, the Sun as a cosmic person residing in the cosmic waters of space. Vishnu represents the Sun as the power of love, beauty, inspiration and protection. It is an aspect of the Sun as a stay of the cosmic waters (ocean space). If Shiva is the transcendental Sun, or the light outside of time, then Vishnu is immanent in the Sun, or the light associated with the cycles of creation, and managing them.

the Deity Brahma is the Creator in the Trinity of Hinduism — also sometimes appears in the guise of the Sun God. In this regard Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent the aspects of creation, sustenance and destruction of the solar energy and divine light. Brahma is the aspect of creation in solar energy. He owns the Vedic mantras, about which they say that they are in the sun, through which are manifested and organizes all forms of life.

eventually, the Sun symbolizes the Atman, the higher self, the God of gods. It is the highest idea of God, or truth, which may be abstract and not have certain forms. This idea of God as a principle or law is not necessarily receiving a sensual way, which you can worship. The sun is Dharma — the power that supports all laws of the universe. He Bramans (vizantijskoe the name of the Supreme God, or the absolute) is initially contacted with abundant East of the sun. All other planetary gods can be considered as the incarnation of the Sun God, as well as any light is a manifestation of the transcendent light of higher consciousness.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology.

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article: Vedic deities of the planets. The sun

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