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a Time Value

the Value of Time is inestimable. Everything in nature appears in time, developed in time and destroyed in time. The truth of these claims does not require proof. No doubt about it. If we recognize that the energy of the Sun is the source of life and activity, the means and the sense of time is directly related to solar activity.

these energy and were thoroughly studied by ancient and Maharishi embodied in formula Muhurta, one of the sections of astrology.

Time is the main field of activity Muhurta, the astrology of choice, the purpose of which the determination of the moments when favorable effects nullify all other unfavorable factors that guarantees the success of the plan.


The Muhurta is different from a Horoscope?

the Horoscope shows what is indicated by the planetary positions at the time of birth, the result of a previous karma, what man has brought into this life, physical and mental. Horoscope just drawing, technical document, written in planetary and other symbols.

Muhurta gives valuable tips on how to neutralize, counteract or overcome the bad marked the birth chart. Horoscope is the essence of the diagnosis. It simply produces disease, but does not prescribe any treatment.

Muhurta tells how starting a company in an opportune time to reflect bad and guarantees success. Suppose in the horoscope marked a break education the position of evil planets in the fourth house from Lagna afflicted by Jupiter, the Karaka of education, and weakness of mercury, the ruler of the intellect. These constellations indicate the lack of education of the person as a result of his karma (actions in previous incarnations). Muhurta says that the obstacles to progress through education, harmful planetary influences indicated by the time of birth can be minimized by establishing a favorable time for the beginning of education.

Assume that the evil planet in the fifth house indicate loss of children. Muhurta offers to marry at a time when the current influence of the planets will be so powerful that it would weaken the evil and ensure the birth and survival of at least some children.

Thus Muhurta helps to weaken harmful effect of our past karma, it tells us when to start a business, to avoid the apparent failure.

How to use Muhurtha?

Creative, supportive and destructive potential of nature manifested in Time. The movement of the planets through the zodiac give the astrologer to know when manifest these different influences.

the influence of the Sun during the day is changing. The sun in the morning, afternoon, evening, and midnight is not the same temperature, magnetism, etc. a Person wants to take a walk, morning or evening, when the Sun is not very hot. He's not going to walk in the burning noon, it will not bring you happiness.

same thing if you select a favorable time for our cases. There is a time to sow and time to reap. Why we do not sow during harvest? Nature was against us. This indicates the position of the Sun. Spring creative potency prevails. When should be taken important activity, the destructive forces necessary to suppress or to weaken.

Since man is the essence of the energy system, its success and failure are simply matters of attraction and repulsion with the objects of activities.

Muhurtha can be compared to a precious stone-a talisman, tuning of human radiation in resonance with the auspicious vibrations of other bodies, planets and stars.

Processed fragment from the book by Bangalore Venkata Raman "Muhurta"


in order to make the right choices, to succeed and to minimize the negative influence of the planets, pay attention to one of our horoscopes.

article: Muhurta - astrology Selection

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