Transference of consciousness, awareness in the dream workshop, February 2016

what is it

the Techniques covered in this workshop are not something new in the history of mankind. However, the current practices they are not well known. Their value is mistakenly downplayed, or they are in the deepest secrecy in closed religious schools or secret groups.

Researchers of our group were discovered mention of these methods in various world cultures. These methods have been described in various Vedic texts, the writings of Buddhist masters. The study of the works of the Contemporaries, concerning the spiritual traditions of the "new world," also revealed a knowledge of these methods among the different groups of the local population in pre-Columbian times.


it is Worth noting that in all traditions these methods are referred to as "Methods of Final Liberation." They allow to prepare the mind and body of the practitioner to the fact that in Hinduism and Buddhism is called "Transference of consciousness into other spheres".

the methods Themselves are simple, but at the same time extremely effective. Techniques based on these methods allow to achieve high results for practitioners in the shortest possible time.

If due to some peculiarities of the organism of the practitioner do not fit any certain techniques, then knowing the essence of the methods, such practitioner will be able to develop for themselves techniques that match a certain method.

More info in the group events Vkontakte


the outcome of the workshop will be a deep understanding of the nature of Consciousness (Awareness) by means of its experiences.

Beginners practice will get effective and intuitive tool for the further development of and practice with more experienced colleagues.

Continuing, will be strengthened in their individual practice and the collective interaction in the process of awareness.

Reviews and explanations

reviews one of similar events

what is the Double?



    the working methods with the knowledge

  • Practical use of the techniques of the method of work "quality" or method of "indirect change of consciousness"
  • Practical use of techniques of method of work "without qualities" or method of "direct awareness of change"

In the night program (awareness of dreaming):

  • Transference of consciousness in a state of sleep or controlled entry into the state of Dreaming
  • study of the technique of creating space for practice of a joint dream
  • the Study and deepening of the experience of receiving a return in the status of "long-shift" perception in a dream

At all times

  • explanation of the technical and philosophical aspects to the complete assimilation of the material
  • Answers to questions
  • genuine Joy and pleasure from communication and collaborative practice :)

the Cost of participation

the Cost of participation in the event variable.

payment1 memberPair of participants
until December 1, 201510 00016 000
prior to January 1, 201611 00018 000
prior to February 1, 201612 00020 000
day of event13 00022 000

So take care early, and You can save up to a third of the cost.

the price includes accommodation and meals for two days. The living conditions are comfortable, the food is good. This is done in order that the participants may have a maximum attention to practice, not to deal with discomfort in an unusual place.

For participation in the event and payment please contact the host of the event, Gaucher Ajifu Vkontakte, Facebook.

the Event will be held at a place outside the city in the suburbs.

Location to be determined depending on the number of participants and announced.

join!!! :)

article: Transference of consciousness, awareness in the dream workshop, February 2016

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