Birthday horoscope
(Natal chart)

What is a birth Horoscope?

Birth horoscope
In it You will find the aspects of essence, such as: character traits, successful creative and business direction, sources of income and romantic relationships, the basic planetary life-periods, sub-periods, dates of their beginning and end. Will be able to identify obstacles, to choose ways of overcoming them. See prospects: luck, money, property, offspring, sexual relations, marriage, business, health, travel and much more. It is particularly important to know such readings in the choice of strategy of development of the child. The sooner You begin to raise the child in harmony with the stars, the more successful and happy in his life.
birth horoscope

This individual horoscope, which is compiled exclusively for You, with Your data of birth and no one else.

All horoscopes Jyotish, along with the predictions are recommendations for achieving harmony with the world and stars. Follow these guidelines and Your life will be filled with love, happiness and luck!

What is a Natal chart?

The Natal chart
Used to refer to the horoscope of birth. Such a horoscope is called a Natal chart, because it usually indicated some potency inherent in the appearance of man on the light.
The Birth chart
Also widely used to refer to the horoscope of birth. In fact, between these three definitions (the birth horoscope, the birth chart and Natal chart) there is no difference.


See birth horoscope online

In order to create and view horoscope online, You must enter your details in the entry form. After that, the tables Rasi and Navamsa displays the position of the planets at the time of Your birth. Below would display the value of a particular planet in Your Natal chart.

If You are interested in horoscope online for today or for tomorrow, go through the appropriate links: today, tomorrow.

The position of the planets for the specified data of birth


Deciphering a Natal chart by date of birth

To change the description of the planet in the table below, click on the desired planet in the table Rasi (above).

-*This is a summary. To get the full version of the Natal chart, see below.

Rising sign - Sagittarius

Ascendant Sagittarius is a masculine and fiery sign symbolized by the Archer. It indicates an active, direct and noble nature of man, striving for great goals, or defending something good. Sagittarians are principled, they make good parents and teachers.

this is Usually healthy, vigorous, fair, serious and spiritual people with an open mind, generous, working for the upliftment of others. They have knowledge in the field of philosophy, have good foresight. They are modest, impulsive, enthusiastic, love to travel and hate the hypocrisy.

appearance: full figure, happy smile, satinovye hair, an elongated face, large nose and ears. Demeanor reserved, corresponding to conventional traditions at the same time they are enterprising. Have good businessmen, and officials as they seek power, but do not admit dishonesty when Using it. They are able to overcome the resistance of their opponents. People with Sagittarius ascending sacrifice myself for the good of others, find fortune abroad, or away from the place where they were born.

People belonging to this sign, they know the laws and the Scriptures, they can become good leaders and leaders for people pure in heart. Often in their families, there were quarrels, and they sacrifice their love for comforts for the benefit of mankind. They are good at them, but lose their money. They are brave and virtuous, but suffer from the counter of jealous people. They are highly respected by scholars and noble men, live long, and their life clean.

The calculation of the basic periods of life

In the complete horoscope of birth(see below) the calculation of planetary periods and sub-periods according to the rules Vimshottari-Dasha. Given their impact on life based on the positions of the planets rulers.

the smaller the division into sub-periods, produced in love horoscope and horoscope year, however, taken in the first period of life from 18 to 65 years, and second only to one specific year.


Get the full Horoscope of birth free

In the complete horoscope of birth indicates a more expanded interpretation of the position of the planets, the significance of the presence of the rulers of some houses in others, as well as the basic planetary life-periods, sub-periods and the dates of their beginning and end. This helps to provide a more comprehensive picture about the prospects for Your destiny.

to get a full birth horoscope free, enter the details of his birth here and then click "get for free".

Example of the advanced Yogi home Owners

yoga in the horoscope of birth

an Example of one of the main periods, sub-periods

periods in the horoscope of birth

contains a lot of good

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Esnayra, review of the horoscope of birth
Thank you for the opportunity to receive such valuable and useful information!

Happy life

In many ways, a happy life depends on the planetary position in the Natal chart. In the Vedas the well-known story, when the demon Ravana won all kinds of victories and conquered all the nine planets. He wished his unborn son even more power, strength, influence than he owns himself. For this he commanded all in the birth of a son to gather in the eleventh house. As the eleventh house is the house of all sorts of achievements and profits.

What is depicted in the tables?

The birth chart represents a set of different tables with the position of planets and houses and no explanation for them. The most popular table Rasi and Navamsa.

In the table Rasi shows the location of the planets at the time of birth. Two slashes marked Lagna, pointing to the constellation, which was in the East during the advent of man into the light. Lagna indicates the first house is the house of body, identity and health.

Table Navamsa support. It indicates what the status of the planet at the moment of birth into the light, and how they will affect the destiny of man over time.

What can you understand?

planets in houses can be judged on relatives, business, travel, creative direction, family, parents, speech, nutrition, financial income, movable property and real estate, education and wisdom, diseases, debts, difficulties and obstacles of life together, marriage, a business partnership, long-term and chronic diseases, LUCK and success recommended for success profession, titles, losses, expenses, costs, spiritual life and salvation.

Why did the Sun in that sign?

Quite often asks the question. The fact that the Sun is suddenly in the wrong sign, it used to be, it is the distrust of the horoscope. Many believe that this calculation error. But it's not...

How can you see the problem?

I Recommend that special attention be paid to the planets in the 12th house. Lagna (slashes) indicates the first house, the expense of the houses is clockwise. Especially dangerous is the twelfth house, the owner of which is Mars (Aries and Scorpio). This location houses can give the early problems of a sexual nature. Venus in the twelfth house in the horoscope can cause financial problems, even to the total impoverishment. Saturn in Aries can cause symptoms of dementia, and in unfavorable houses (sixth, eighth and twelfth) - to cause family problems.

*If You noticed the planets in the 12th house in Rasi or Navamsa, it is better to consult Astrologer that would in a timely manner to avoid possible troubles.

What will I receive in the pdf file?

The pdf file You will get additional decoding of the positions of the planets and supplementary table life periods and sub periods under the control of the planets influencing these time intervals. Knowledge of life is extremely important to select a successful life strategy!

With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

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The birth horoscope or Natal chart contains the prospects for good luck, money, property, offspring, sexual relations, marriage, business, health, travel and much more. Prepared especially for You, according to Your data and no one more

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Yvette, отзыв
Can't understand how your table I are full-blooded Sagittarius with the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Pisces, when she for all the rest of the Natal chart in Aries, etc ... How can a person born in December the Sun to be a Scorpion????
-- response: note the article "Why did the Sun in that sign?"

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Aselya, отзыв
I really liked the interpretation of the horoscope! Simple and clear, and in a very expanded form. Thank you!

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Thank you very much for such a detailed interesting horoscope. Very informative.

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Tatiana, отзыв
Very interesting! But there is a question about summer and winter time. It is not shown here, but the difference is big. How to write time of birth in this case?
-- Answer: If you look closely, you will see that the winter and summer time is taken into account automatically. The temporary amendment on a specified date is displayed in GMT. For example, GMT +3. The fact that the system may track the transitions in winter and summer in different regions, if any. For Russia the given time is from about 1910.

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oksana, отзыв
Very interesting and detailed, drawn horoscope. Thank you!!!

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Sveta, отзыв
Thank you, very interesting., still I will think and reread. All the best.)

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Good horoscope

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ksenia, отзыв
I am very happy, thank you! A lot of useful information you need to comprehend. Forewarned is forearmed. Thank you

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Wonderful website,precious knowledge!

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Good day, tell me, and how you can get a horoscope, thank you

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