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To check the compatibility by date of birth

In order to calculate compatibility by date of birth, enter the birth data of men and women in the relevant forms. If the exact time of birth is not known, set the time to 12:00.

The article below is an explanation of order of evaluation of compatibility by date of birth in accordance with the rules of Jyotish.

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Ball compatibility


Sign compatibility

Guna-Milan is a collection of the most famous rules of selection of pairs and determine the compatibility in Northern India. Such tables can be found in all panchangam, where based on the nakshatras of the bride and groom, you can define compatible pairs in points. The maximum number of points to determine the compatibility of - 36.

The basis of this method of determining compatibility is the assessment of compliance with the provisions of the two Moons, representing the mind, or by both ways of thinking. sign Compatibility partners are considered on 8 items, and each receives from 1 to 8 points. First, the area of the mind Varna - receives 1 point compatibility. The following game - receives 2 points of compatibility. The third - Tara, fourth Joni, the fifth griha, the sixth guna, the seventh bhakta, the eighth Nadi get the corresponding points to calculate the compatibility. Ancient texts say that Rama and SITA scored 36 points. They have suffered in marriage, and it is quantity. If to take into account this example, a good marriage means being able to sacrifice another in difficult situations. Rama and SITA remained faithful to each other even in the most adverse circumstances.



Consideration of the criterion of compatibility is based on the fundamentals of astrology. It is believed that Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (4,8,12) - signs of the brahmanas; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (1,5,9) Kshatriya; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (2,6,10) - Vaisyas; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (3,7,11) - Sudras. Best compatibility for varnam - when both the groom and the bride fall in the same Varna. In another case, the Varna of the groom should be higher. Both situations mean 1 full score to determine compatibility. If the sign of the bride above, is obtained 0 points compatibility.

4, 8, 121, 5, 92, 6, 103, 7, 11
4, 8, 121000
1, 5, 91100
2, 6, 101110
3, 7, 111111


Vashya means control. The struggle for control over each other is whole life. Each person seeks to have his Kingdom and to rule over others. The smallest Kingdom is a family, where it is possible to control a spouse or children. Human life has become a struggle for greater control. In marriage there is a serious war for control over each other and joint spheres of life, e.g. children. Who's in control and how much can be understood from the laws, where the moon both. They are classified as follows:

  • Nara (human): Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first 15° of Sagittarius and Aquarius.
  • Vanachare (inhabitants of forests) - Leo.
  • Kita (insect) - Scorpio.
  • Chatushpada (artiodactyls) - Aries, Taurus, from 15 to 30° Sagittarius, from 0 to 15° Capricorn.
  • Caracara (fish; animals that live in water) - Cancer, 15-30° Capricorn and Pisces.

Leo cannot be controlled by the Moon in any other sign. Scorpio cannot be controlled by the Lion. The human characters stronger than chatushpada and chatushpada stronger in the control than calcara. Points that gets each of the two Moons in different signs are given according to these principles, and they are shown in the table.



Tara (star). In the zodiac circle are 27 nakshatras (stars, Tara). About compatibility can be judged by the relationship between the two nakshatras. The 3rd, 5th and 7th Tara from Tara women or men do not fit together.

To determine Tara-Milan, you need to count the number of nakshatras from the Nakshatra women to one men inclusive. The resulting number is divided by 9. If the remainder is 3, 5 or 7, the container does not receive any points. If the balance the other way, then given 1.5 points. In the same way you should count the nakshatras in the opposite direction, from male to female. In this case as well, if you divide by 9 the remainder is 3, 5 or 7, Tara not getting any points, but if the rest of the other 1.5 points.

Some believe that compatibility is also not suitable residue 1, that is, for a relationship to be unfavorable, the same Nakshatra, the 10th and 19th Nakshatra. In the same way I expect a favorable Nakshatra, Nakshatra-shuddha, muhurta.

Compatibility in love (Yoni)

This word means the female sexual organ. At this point looking sexual compatibility (compatibility love). The moon, being located in a certain Nakshatra, one is more suited to one than the other. In accordance with this distributed points of compatibility. Each Nakshatra gets the name of the animal or its quality.

By this method you can get maximum 4 points compatibility.

NakshatraYonithe Worst
enemies Yoni
Ashwini, SatanicaHorseBull
Swati, HastaBullHorse
Dhanishta, PullabhotlaLeoElephant
Shiva, revatiElephantLeo
identification noticed, KrittikaFrame (kind of deer)Monkey
Sravana, PurvashadhaMonkeyFrame (kind of deer)
Uttarashadha, AbhijitMongooseSnake
Rohini, MrigasiraSnakeMongoose
Jyestha, AnuradhaStagDog
Mule, HastaDogStag
Punkreas, AshleshaCatRat
Citra, PurvaphalguniRatCat
Visakha, CitraTigerCow
Swati, HastaCowTiger
Horse (1)40123221323313
Bull (2)04133222222213
Leo (3)11401222112121
Elephant (4)22042222223212
Rama (5)33124031323213
Monkey (6)22220421222212
Mongoose (7)22223240212222
Snake (8)12221104111121
Deer (9)33123221402212
Dog (10)22122211041111
Cat (11)32233221214022
Rat (12)32122221210422
Tiger (13)11211122112240
Cow (14)33123221212204


This method of determining compatibility again refers to the basics of astrology. If the Signs women and men are the same, this indicates better compatibility.

Good Enough to be compatible if it's a friendly sign. Worse compatibility, if one friendly and the other neutral. Even worse for compatibility, when both are neutral to each other. Allowed option when one friendly and the other hostile or neutral. Worst of all, when both enemies. All of this is shown in the table. The moon has no enemies, and no one planet is not considered an enemy of Jupiter.

Sun(Su)Mo, Ma, JuMeVe, Sa
Moon(Mo)Me, SuMa, Sa, Ju, Ve-
Mars(Ma)Mo, Su, JuVe, SaMe
Mercury(Me)Su, VeJu, Sa, MaMo
Jupiter(Ju)Su, Mo, MaSaMe, Ve
Venus(Ve)Me, SaJu, MaSu, Mo
Saturn(Sa)Me, VeJuSu, Mo, Ma
owner sig. womenowner sig. men


There are three types of Ghana: Virgo, manusia raksasa. Ghana points to the character. For compatibility it is best if both have the same Ghana.


Bhakata dosha

This is an important element of the guna-Milan (compatibility). It is associated with the relative position of the moon two people in snakes of the zodiac. The sign in which the Moon in the birth chart (Natal Moon), is called janma-Rashi and the sector of the zodiac, length of 13°20', which is the birth chart, called janma-parameters works. This is the most "sensitive" area - it covers the transits of all the planets. From it is calculated the same favorable or unfavorable time, when you select a muhurta.

Transit (Mo) on the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses from the Natal gives positive results in the 2nd, 5 th, 9 th - medium, and on the 4th, 8th and 12th - negative. When both (Mo) are in the same sign, it is a good situation, and soul of a pair very similar. Mood swings both in transit (Mo) and other planet in the twelve signs also will close.

When transit (Mo) passes through the 3rd house, the mood is both good, and when 4-mu - both are experiencing a depressed state. There are also extremely good or bad area.

Adhistana-Varga also changes the results. (Mo) in the same sign in most cases leads to a Nadi dosha when two moons are in the same Nakshatra, related Nakshatra or the Nakshatra on the same line. All this is explained in the subsection of this Chapter titled "Nadi dosha".

When two (Mo) are in the 3/11 houses from each other, they are considered friendly (compatible). In the case when the transit Moon passes through the houses one, she also passes on positive 3rd and 11 th from the other. Similarly, when both are in 1/7 to each other, the results will be good. If they are in 4/10, the Natal position one will be the 10th friendly position and the other in a hostile 4th.

Finding (Mo) partners in 3/11 and in 1/7 and the same are considered very good and means friendly relations between people. It promises positive from the confluence of character and good compatibility.

1P 3/11P 1/7N 4/10M 2/12N 6/8M 5/9
2M 2/4M 2/8M 2/5M 2/1M 7/9M 2/10
3M 3/5M 3/9P 3/6M 3/2N 8/10P 3/11
4N 4/6N 4/10N 4/7N 4/3M 9/11N 4/12
5M 5/7M 5/11M 5/8M 5/4M 10/12M 5/1
6N 6/8N 6/12M 6/9M 6/5P 11/1M 6/2
7M 7/9P 7/1P 7/10P 7/6M 12/2P 7/3
8M 8/10M 8/2M 8/11M 8/7P 1/3N 8/4
9M 9/11M 9/3M 9/12M 9/8M 2/4M 9/5
10N 10/12N 10/4P 10/1M 10/9M 3/5P 10/6
11P 11/1M 11/5M 11/2P 11/10N 4/6P 11/7
12M 12/2N 12/6M 12/1N 12/11M 5/7N 12/8
P - positive, M - mixed, N - negative

Mutual location in 2/12 from each other and in 6/8 initially considered negative for compatibility. You can expect mixed emotions to each other, when the two moons are 5/9 and 4/10 from each other. The motion of the moon through the twelve signs of the zodiac the mood of the people changes. Although the mood is influenced by all nine planets in transit, still the effect is most strong because it is the fastest planet and represents mind.

The mood improved when the transit Moon is in 3/11 position from Natal, in the 7th from it or is the Natal position. In this case, the impact will be positive or mixed. When the Moon is transiting at the Natal one, it will be transit friendly 3rd for another, and when she goes for Natal the other, for a partner it will be more than favourable transit in the 11th. Transit for 1/7 of the sign the moon is considered friendly and is reinforced by positive effects of both partners.

Natal the mutual arrangement of 2/12 is not harmonious for the Union and compatibility. When the transit Moon is in the 12th holder of the horoscope, it will be in the same sign from the Natal partner. And even in transit another sensitive area, that is the 7th from the moon, in one case (Mo) partner will be in the 8th and another in the 6th.

However, the transit of the moon on the 6th supposedly gives good results, although people should keep in mind that 6th is not conducive to harmony. We now take the case of 6/8. When the Moon is transiting its Natal position, it will be 8th partner. And when she tranzitiruet on the 7th of both, it will transit the 12th one and 2nd the other. It will be negative from the point of view of the Natal and 7th from it.

In the case 5/9 of the houses are simultaneously very good and very bad results for both. In addition, the Natal position of 5/9 is mediocre for both partners. It is considered that the position of 5/9 is bad for children. Maybe that's why it is considered unfavourable.

Points are assigned in accordance with panchangam
(in the same char.)
The points do not change, but in assessing compatibility should be taken into account:
  • When the moon women and men are in the same sign, you must make sure that they fall in a different one, and if one of the same, to see what they Faranah. The same sign can mean perfect compatibility characters. But if the nakshatras are the same, is created Nadi dosha. And if you same also and the charanas, then Nadi dosha is enhanced. But in all cases the same sign give the similarity of the characters.
  • When the moon sign of the woman - the second from the sign of the moon men, it is considered more detrimental than if it was the 12th Zn. It is also important to consider the friendship between the owners of these Zn. All this must be taken into account when scores are calculated grha-Maitri compatibility.
  • Traditionally, the position of 5/9 is considered unfavorable for compatibility, because it causes problems with offspring. Janma-Rashi woman in the 5th house from janma Rashi men is considered more harmful than in the 9th. If the owners of the 5th and 9th homes of friends, the similarity of the characters will be medium. Maybe in terms of points is not given, since the same difficulties with offspring.


It is the life force. We have thousands of channels - us and nadis throughout the body. Traditional doctor, Vaidya, diagnose the disease by Nadi. In Sanskrit the word means a channel or vein.

In tamilski Nadi is the subtle nerve; it is said that the subtle body energy flows through nadis. Nadi connected with specific points of energy called chakras.

Nadi is the most important aspect of guna Milan which is given 8 points when assessing compatibility.

There are three Nadi: 1) Adi; 2) Madhya, and 3) Antya. Two one on one line to create a Nadi dosha. In this case, a couple receives a score of 0, others have 8 points. If there is an imbalance Nadi is a bad influence on relationships. How this affects the offspring or other aspects of the contentious issue.


Classically it is believed that ADI Nadi to the Constitution of Kapha, Madhya-Nadi - Vata Constitution, antya Nadi - Constitution Pete. The relationship of people with the same Constitution, according to the treatises on Jyotish, can lead to the birth of weak offspring.

All astrology books Kundali Milan say that Nadi dosha is cancelled in the following circumstances:
  • When both partners have different signs (Mo);
  • When both partners (Mo) in one and the same Nakshatra but different sign;
  • When both have same Nakshatra but different charanas;

Regardless of whether the nakshatras in the table on the same line or not, if Nakshatra woman is standing in front of parameters works in men, it is extremely unfavorable for compatibility, and such partnerships should be avoided.

With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

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