Consultation of the astrologer

Who conducts astrological Consultation?

the Consultation is held Astrologer on the system of Jyotish, the ancient astrology of the Vedic tradition, who have many years experience, not only in astrology but also in various Yogic disciplines.

For some questions, you can consult an astrologer?

At the consultation You can ask questions such as:

  • What to do to achieve financial stability?
  • How to stop a run of bad luck?
  • Where to find a life partner?
  • How to get pregnant if it does not work?
  • How to guide the child?
  • How to succeed spiritual practices?
  • How to attract good LUCK?
  • How to handle problems at work?
  • things to do to earn?
  • How to strengthen health?

other issues:

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  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Work
  • Success
  • good LUCK
  • Health
  • Families
  • Partnerships
  • Business

What will be the result of astrological consultation?


  • Get answers to your questions
  • Understand the sources of life's obstacles and setbacks
  • in Conjunction with the Astrologer and develop a life strategy leading to success
  • Get recommendations by:
    • improvement
    • the use of stones, jewellery and items of clothing
    • preferred food
    • physical activity

What is the cost of online consultation of the astrologer?

  • E-Mail - $100
    in the form of a response and recommendations for question

Is it possible to avoid life's troubles?

You may avoid a life of trouble. And if not all, the many.

Knowing the source of their possible occurrence, and what simple steps need to be taken to mitigate their effects or avoid altogether. The sooner You resort to correcting unfavorable planetary influences, the less trouble will manifest itself in Your life. What you need to do, find out on the advice of the astrologer.

Sign up for a consultation right now

For advice You need to fill the details of your birth and request a consultation by clicking the button "Order a consultation of the astrologer", located on the page below. You will then receive an email with delivery options consultation.

The position of the planets for the specified data of birth in the horoscope


To order the consultation of the Astrologer

Attention! Enroll today at (GMT+3), You will receive a consultation within 2-3 days.

Feedback on consultation:

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Alexander said on the advice of the astrologer
Thank you..I read and the tears from the eyes, but good)
I feel these things..what's right with soul you wrote!..thank You very much!

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Olga said about the advice of the astrologer
thank You very much!!!! I don't know how to read the planetary situation. Can you recommend something for self-study. The rest is all accurate and clear!!!

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Anna said on the advice of the astrologer
Thank you!
Skim read. It seems it's not so bad! The evening will examine in detail)

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Maxim said about the advice of the astrologer
hi, thank you for the advice. Would like to do the same for his wife...

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Oksana said on the advice of the astrologer
Hello! I am very grateful! You have made clear in many of my questions. With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

On the advice of the astrologer

On the advice of the astrologer You also find out what planetary You belong. This knowledge is important because it will help in greater extent to choose activities that will provide a decent level of Your life, will help to determine the means of correction that would improve Your well-being in the social sphere and in the field of personal. In addition, You will be able to get answers to the questions concerning not only You personally, but Your loved ones, prospects for their lives and well-being.

If You have doubts about the path You pursue, be sure to contact for advice. Consultation will help You to place priorities in life and to eliminate doubt.

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Consultation Vedic astrologer (Jyotish) for disturbing questions about how to overcome the difficulties of fate, family, children, earnings, marriage, spiritual fulfillment, and much more

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