Birthday August 03, 1863

The position of the planets on
Monday, August 3, 1863,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Tropical zodiacSidT = 20 44 19
10° 7′ 12″
27° 48′
9° 48′
25° 1′
0° 7′
20° 49′
1° 49′
3° 26′
3° 27′
The sidereal zodiacAyanamsa = 21° 57′ 52″
18° 9′ 20″
5° 50′
17° 50′
3° 3′
8° 9′
28° 52′
9° 52′
11° 29′
11° 29′

Year of birth - Rudhirodgari-Samvatsara

Of a person born in Samvatsara Rudhirodgari, reddish eyes, weak body (perhaps due to the illness Kamla [jaundice]) and poor nails on hands and feet, he has a very quick temper (prone to excessive anger) and is shot by some kind of weapon....

Lunar birthday Krishna, Chaturthi Tithi

Good for getting rid of unnecessary things, cleaning the house or of the mind of the man himself, for punishment. Well for the preparation of drugs, but not for the treatment itself. Adversely to the beginning of the project, travel, initiations, religious ceremonies, putting on new Gems. Brings obstacles, delays. Good to appease Ganesha helping to overcome obstacles....
In the individual horoscope year describes upcoming events and recommendations how to overcome potential difficulties.

Moon in the sign Pisces

Pisces is a water sign, controlled by Jupiter. "Pisces" is usually religious and emotional, are well, interested in the knowledge of spiritual liberation. By nature they are timid, or the superstitious. They are stubborn, but nice and polite. They may suffer as a result of his indecision and lack of confidence. Restless and romantic, they dream of far away places and love to trav...
horoscope pisces for today.

The moon in the Nakshatra Uttarabhadrapada

When the position of the moon meets the star, it the person clever, he is cheerful, virtuous, enjoys life together with the children, wins the enemies, is happy.

Love horoscope for
Monday, August 3, 1863,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Astrological recommendations associated with a love relationship, you need to look individually lunar calendar for August 3, 1863, or horoscope year or love horoscope.

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Astrological aspects of the day of birth August 03, 1863: the position of the planets, samvatsari, lunar day, moon sign, moon in the Nakshatra

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