Birthday February 04, 1971

The position of the planets on
Thursday, February 4, 1971,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Tropical zodiacSidT = 8 54 1
14° 31′ 2″
1° 53′
24° 21′
28° 13′
7° 30′
3° 9′
15° 58′
24° 10′
24° 10′
The sidereal zodiacAyanamsa = 23° 27′ 5″
21° 3′ 57″
8° 26′
0° 53′
4° 46′
14° 2′
9° 41′
22° 31′
0° 42′
0° 42′

Year of birth - Virodhikritu-Samvatsara

Man, whose birth was in Samvatsara Virodhikritu (Virodhi), absorbed in the worship of Lord Siva gets angry and quarrels opposed to others and not taking care of his father....

Lunar birthday Shukla Navami Tithi

Competition is good for action (sports, debate), exercises, preparation of drugs (but not treatment). There is a danger of using excessive force. Poorly installed deities, to wear the precious stones to travel. Bad day for sex. One of the best days for meditation, reading mantras and rituals....
How to improve potency.

Moon in the sign Taurus

Taurus is a fixed sign, foreshadowing of the man of resolute, persistent nature. This sign is symbolized by the Buffalo, as it advises to be polite and cautious with such a person. Since Taurus is controlled by Venus, the character of this man will be sensual, artistic, and such a man will be charismatic and strong. Externally, it is usually beautiful, nature - loving, loyal, but...
horoscope taurus for today.

The moon in the Nakshatra Krittika

When the position of the moon corresponds to the star of Krittika, the person is well known, has a lustrous appearance. These people eat a lot and love foreign partners for marriage. They are energetic in achieving goals but their minds are unstable.

Love horoscope for
Thursday, February 4, 1971,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Astrological recommendations associated with a love relationship, you need to look individually lunar calendar for February 4, 1971, or horoscope year or love horoscope.

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Astrological aspects of the day of birth February 04, 1971: the position of the planets, samvatsari, lunar day, moon sign, moon in the Nakshatra

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