Birthday January 12, 1971

The position of the planets on
Tuesday, January 12, 1971,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Tropical zodiacSidT = 7 23 21
21° 7′ 26″
26° 12′
28° 46′
4° 34′
23° 1′
29° 34′
15° 43′
25° 22′
25° 22′
The sidereal zodiacAyanamsa = 23° 27′ 2″
27° 40′ 24″
2° 44′
5° 19′
11° 7′
29° 33′
6° 7′
22° 16′
1° 55′
1° 55′

Year of birth - Virodhikritu-Samvatsara

Man, whose birth was in Samvatsara Virodhikritu (Virodhi), absorbed in the worship of Lord Siva gets angry and quarrels opposed to others and not taking care of his father....

Lunar birthday Purnima (Full Moon) Tithi

The moon was full. A good day for good actions: building houses, putting on the drag. stones to advance in your career. However, it is better for religious rituals, fasting, meditation, reflection. Good for worship of the divine Mother. This day is a time when we experience the results of our actions during the month, many things come to completion. On this day, it is not necessar...
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Moon in the sign Cancer

Cancer is the sign associated with the element of water, and points to the emotional nature. He is symbolized by the crab; usually these people have a penchant for complaints, expression of dissatisfaction. This sign is feminine in nature, so people born under this sign are sensitive, often worried over nothing, but genuinely care about others. This is usually a sign associated a...
horoscope cancer for today.

The moon in the Nakshatra Punarvasu

If the Moon occupies the star of Punarvasu, the person is able to control himself, happy, friendly, some silly, its easy to make happy, it is painful and unable to endure thirst.

Love horoscope for
Tuesday, January 12, 1971,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Astrological recommendations associated with a love relationship, you need to look individually lunar calendar for January 12, 1971, or horoscope year or love horoscope.

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Astrological aspects of the day of birth January 12, 1971: the position of the planets, samvatsari, lunar day, moon sign, moon in the Nakshatra

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