Birthday February 10, 2011

The position of the planets on
Thursday, February 10, 2011,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Tropical zodiacSidT = 9 18 55
20° 53′ 21″
6° 19′
9° 38′
6° 34′
19° 41′
3° 34′
17° 1′
0° 10′
0° 10′
The sidereal zodiacAyanamsa = 24° 0′ 17″
26° 53′ 4″
12° 18′
15° 38′
12° 33′
25° 41′
9° 34′
23° 1′
6° 10′
6° 10′

Year of birth - Khara-Samvatsara

He who is born in Samvatsara Khare, filthy, with filthy body, said harsh and loud words without any reason (purpose), prone to quarrels, shameless, and he has a huge body....

Lunar birthday Shukla Shasti Tithi

Bad for travel, but good for putting on gemstones, fasting, construction, and related building or land, training, preparation of drugs (but not treatment). Good for tough action, and protection from hostile influences....
a personal love horoscope with favorable periods for Dating and marriage.

Moon in the sign Aries

It is a movable sign and a person born under the sign travels a lot. They are restless, always in motion, guys. They like sports, physical exercise, as it gives access to their excess mental energy, helps them to calm down. A "male" sign controlled "fire," the warlike planet Mars. We can imagine him as a warrior, ready for battle. Obviously, these people are able to face the...
horoscope aries for today.

The moon in the Nakshatra Ashvini

When the location of the moon the star Ashvini, people attractive, satisfied, has a mind, has a calming effect on other people. They are intelligent, perceptive, love to travel, interested in their spiritual development.

Love horoscope for
Thursday, February 10, 2011,
3:00 (GMT +3)

Astrological recommendations associated with a love relationship, you need to look individually lunar calendar for February 10, 2011, or horoscope year or love horoscope.

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Astrological aspects of the day of birth February 10, 2011: the position of the planets, samvatsari, lunar day, moon sign, moon in the Nakshatra

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