Days for weddings according to the lunar calendar

Why it is important auspicious day for wedding?

Choosing the right day for the wedding and the commencement ceremony is very important. Such a moment has a positive effect on the newly formed Union. Makes life together more happy, the marriage is more stable. Correctly chosen wedding day and especially the beginning of the ceremony is able to correct even quite serious damages in the Natal chart of the spouses.

When the planets in the horoscope of the spouses indicate, for example, on poverty in marriage, harm can be avoided by making a marriage at an opportune moment.

Days for wedding
--Ancient sages say that choosing the appropriate time for marriage, a harmful planetary interaction in the birth charts of the spouses can be significantly weakened or eliminated completely.

Example calendar of favorable days for a wedding

contains a map of the location of planets for each favorable day indicating the Lagna of marriage, and location of the Natal moon. This, with additional recommendations, allows to determine the most favorable time for the start of the ceremony.

A fragment of a calendar indicating the favourable days

example days for wedding

Full List of personal auspicious days for wedding will be useful for the young couple, striving to create a happy family and for practising astrologers, advising newlyweds on the selection of the auspicious time for the wedding.

Example days for wedding

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Make a List of personal auspicious days for wedding online

Enter the details of the birth. It will be calculated on Your Full List of personal auspicious days for wedding.

Getting a Full List of personal auspicious days for wedding do not forget to specify the year for which You want it to.

The position of the planets for the specified data of birth in the horoscope

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Get a Full List of individual auspicious days for weddings for the specified data of birth

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  • Enter year on which to compile a Complete List of personal auspicious days for wedding.
  • Provide an estimated start time of the wedding ceremony and venue.
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Full List of personal auspicious days for wedding must make for each spouse. According to him, should choose the exact start time of wedding ceremony considering the fact that:

  • Natal moon the spouses do not fall in the 8th house of Wedding Cards;
  • Transit Moon was in 6, 8, 12th house from the Natal Moons of the spouses.

All this can be determined using the Complete lists of favourable days for wedding for each spouse.

Method of determining the auspicious day for wedding

Here are a set of standard rules used by scientists astrologers, confirmed by experience and sanctioned by the ancient sages to determine the most favorable the date of the wedding ceremony.

  • The lunar months of Magha, Phalguni, Visakha and Jyeshta good. Kartika and Margasirsa acceptable. The rest are not favorable.
  • Some sages say that the marriage can be Pushya and Chaitra (the lunar month after the new moon in Capricorn and Aries), when the Sun is in Capricorn and Aries respectively.
  • The following lunar days, from the 11th day (dark half) to new moon, the Tithi Recta ("empty hands" - 4, 9, 14), 8, 12 and 6th should be rejected.
  • The best lunar days 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 13th (of bright half).
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the best. Sunday and Saturday are acceptable. Tuesday should be invariably rejected.
  • The best of the constellation Rohini, Mrigasira, Ut.Phalguni, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Ut.Ashadha, Ut.Bhadra. The nakshatras are not named here, unfavorable and must be avoided.
  • Day managed janma-Nakshatra (ruler of the Nakshatra in which the Natal Moon), is usually considered inauspicious for weddings.
  • Transit Moon should not be in 6, 8, 12th house from the Natal Moons of the spouses.
  • Among Rasi, Gemini, Virgo and Libra are the best. Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius mediocre. Other for marriage is sinister. Under Rasi signs are meant to select the Lagna of the marriage (the start of the wedding).

The most important for determining the beginning of the wedding

  • The 7th house should be free from any of the planets;
  • Mars should not be in the 8th house;
  • Venus should not be in the 6th house;
  • Lagna should not be concluded between the natural pests;
  • Pests should not take Lagna;
  • The moon should not have connections with any other planet;
  • Natal moon the spouses must not fall into the 8th house of Wedding Cards;

Combination strengthens the positive impact of the start of the wedding

  • Jupiter in the rising sign, Venus in 8th and Sun in the 11th;
  • Venus in Lagna. Jupiter in the 10th, Sun and Mercury in 11th;
  • Venus in 2nd, Jupiter in 12th, Sun in 8th and Saturn in 6th;
  • Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 4th, mercury in the 2nd and Saturn in the 11th;
  • Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in Lagna;
  • Venus and Jupiter are both in Lagna, exalted or strong;
  • Saturn in 3rd, Jupiter in the 6th, Sun in 10th and Mars in the 11th;
  • Mars in 3rd, Saturn in 6th, Venus in 9th, Jupiter in 12th;
  • Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 11th.

It should be remembered that a strong Lagna Wedding can neutralize any defects.

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