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Probably the very first and therefore the most ancient mention of Divination had the knowledge, transmitted by Lord Shiva to the people. He called it the Svara-Yoga: knowledge of the movement and the mutual relation of the forces of nature (outside forces) the internal forces of man. Swara Yoga was concluded on the basis of certain factors manifesting in the moment. For example, the conclusion about the fate of the man about whom he asks the question, could be made on the basis of which side approached the questioner, in what day of the week, at dawn, sunset or some other time of day, etc.; the prediction of whether a woman to have children could be made in the form of individual body parts: shape the hips, abdomen, shoulders, etc.

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Divination or prediction on a separate matter, as widely circulated in the system of Jyotish. Here the conclusion on a given issue is based on the so-called "Card question" - the mutual position of the stars at the time when the question was asked(voiced) astrologer. In some cases, to make a more accurate conclusion, in addition to the "card issue" astrologers resort to drafting birthday cards, maps a year or lunar calendar (in our case, it is possible to make more and love map life).

In the modern world divination occupies the same important place as in ancient times. The only difference is that in modern times the "forecasters" were called analysts and their predictions they make more in the economic or political sphere, and in fact, from fortune-tellers dealing with normal people, they are no different. They both make their predictions based on certain factors. The only difference is what sets most of these factors who use. Some analysts use factors, soothsayers and fortune-tellers. And so it happened that often the factors of "analysts" is much more questionable than soothsayers and fortune tellers esoteric field.

Divination, as well as many other ancient teachings are designed for our benefit. It is aimed at addressing perhaps the most serious obstacles to human doubt. However, you should understand that the abuse and the attitude of mistrust is not removes obstacles and creates new and greater. So approach it wisely and use benefit - eliminate doubt and improve your confidence.

Divination for health!

Divination online


Divination OnLAN section is in development. Soon this section will have the opportunity to get answers to questions, making online a "map issue" card of the mutual arrangement of the stars at the time of the job issue. Perhaps in the future the same will be implemented divination online for one or more card systems. While You can use individual horoscope for today and tomorrow by clicking on this the link.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

For the first time, the Tarot mentioned in Europe in the 16th century of our era. It is believed that initially Tarot Cards were playing the value and have been used in predictive purposes much later than in playing. However, the study of the ancient Vedic writings and reflections about the ancient way of life suggests otherwise. I guess the system prediction on the cards, particularly Tarot cards, originated in the deep, you might say, of prehistoric antiquity. And it was connected with the need for compact and mobile enough predictive tool that would not burden the traveling Yogi.

The connection of Tarot cards from Vedic culture to a number of factors and the application to them of common sense. For example, the number of stripes and their meanings have a direct relation to known elements, classes(reflection of the image of thought), the cardinal, etc. it is Obvious that the value of the card reflects the level of the force and the position (direct or inverted) is the direction (outward or inward). It should be noted that a positive or negative impact reflected strong cards equally. In this case, the quality of the force depends on the force with which is ready to interact with people not getting involved in the process of suffering.

In favor of the opinion of the ancient Vedic origins of Tarot Cards says the fact that the word "Tarot" may be associated with the Sanskrit roots. In one case, "Tara" means star, that directly links the Tarot cards with this predictive system as Vedic astrology; in another case, "Taro" can be linked with the root "TAP" which denotes the intersection of something or crossing something, which in turn also indicates that initially the system of the Tarot, as with other predictive systems were designed to help people in overcoming life obstacles and achieving a harmonious relationship with the world.

while we are developing the online system of divination by Tarot cards, You can make online one of our fortune love, year, moon.



The Tarot in development. Speed here that will appear. In the meantime, You can visit other sections of our site, there is also a lot of interesting!


palmistry, divination by the hand

It is believed that the location of the planets, their strength and collaboration that were at the time of birth of the person is reflected in his body, as if it is sky map. Over time, the influence of the planets is manifested to a greater or lesser extent, which leads to corresponding changes in the human body. So the weakness of the Sun, for example, the effect of weakness of the right half of the body. A weak Saturn in different periods of life may adversely affect those parts of the body, in the signs which it is located.

One of the many prediction methods(judgment) the parts of the body is Palmistry - divination by the hand. Traditionally, the luminaries, which determine the destiny of man, reflected in a man's palm. So the contents of his right hand like the map "Rasi" (Rashi), reflecting human potential received at birth. The left palm like a map "Navamsa" (Navamsa), reflecting the influence of the planets on the destiny of man in time, in the time of occurrence of a particular planetary period.

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Divination by Tarot cards, palmistry - divination by hand. Other methods of divination

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