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For anybody not a secret that in the dream, we spend at least a third of your life. However, despite such a significant place in our lives Dream, as a phenomenon, is studied insufficiently and is still not formed a unified opinion on what it actually is.


The Western scientific world to a greater extent inclined to think that the dream is a manifestation of the physiological needs of the body to rest. They believe that everything a person sees in a dream is a reflection of his psychological state and the value is only from the point of view of psychological therapy.

Partly they are right and this is the place to be. However, there is an alternative view of sleep. It is more common in the East and especially in the circles of spiritual seekers of various traditions. The followers of these traditions believe that during sleep we are faced with simple templates daily experiences, but have the ability to enter your consciousness in a completely different layers of the universe.

Thus, to date, has mixed feelings about the dream as a phenomenon and about what we can dream. Some believe the dream work of the unconscious and everything visible in a dream - a subconscious signal that you should realize by interpretation. Second consider sleep to be a transcendental state, which is able to penetrate into the most secret corners of the universe and even to a certain extent, to overcome Death. First in his quest, he created a variety of dreams and interpreters of dreams, which help a person to understand the quirks of his own mind, and sometimes to determine the future on the basis of the image seen in the dream, and make for him the right decision. Others have developed methods of preservation of consciousness during the transition to sleep and in the dream, and the transference of consciousness to other worlds at the time of death.

The interpretation of dreams

The interpretation of dreams

If dreams pay enough attention, you will notice that they really connected with the daily life of a person. Sometimes strong daytime experiences are manifested in the form of exciting dreams; sometimes in dreams we experience some events that serve as junction daily experiences.

Since ancient times people have noticed a definite relationship between the dreaming images and events taking place during the day. Many have attempted to establish a direct relationship between the visible in a dream and what's happening during the day. The result has created a variety of interpretation of dreams that were transferred within a particular community orally and then in writing.

Various folk tales tell that to people in dreams come the spirits of the ancestors, various deities, able to assist, and sometimes demonic. They all have certain characteristics, both external behavioral and certain conditions in which they are. What would the person seeing the dream can navigate with what he is dealing with, was created to interpret dreams, who explained that it means a particular way which, because of a dream, we should expect events in everyday life.

Dream books

Dream books

By far the most known and popular dream books are dreams:

The dream books contain a rather lengthy description of dream images in dreams and their interpretation.

Lucid dreaming

lucid dream

Traditionally, a lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper knows that he sleeps and dreams. Usually people often encounter this phenomenon in your life. Especially to such experiences predisposed women. For some of them is so commonplace and natural that they absolutely do not pay attention. Others, having heard about lucid dreams, make a lot of effort for what would at least like to be a part of this experience. In modern times there are many schools and coaches in lucid dreams, which regarded this phenomenon as an opportunity to travel at night, not wahada of their own, so to speak bed. I like this approach and the corresponding motivation are quite wrong.

What then should be the attitude to lucid dreams?

n my opinion, lucid dreaming have a deep spiritual perspective. So Lord śiva, for example, called Awareness during sleep is the only way that can help a person to overcome death! He gave people a special technique that causes Visions of other worlds and spaces. The ability of practitioners to develop such Visions as a special kind of meditation, and in dreams, called the Eye of Shiva or Third eye. It is worth noting that Lord Siva is called the ability First Eye and pointed to the fact that every spiritual seeker simply must "open" their Vision "the First eye" and the preservation of Awareness during sleep.

In Buddhism we practice is known to of Sleep and Dreams in which the practitioner in the initial stages, reaches a state of awareness in a dream, and rooting the practice of lucid dreaming becomes the ability of transference of consciousness. Very successful practitioner is able to transfer consciousness to other places of this world and other worlds of gods and demons. For them, the blurred boundaries of time and space. They gain the ability to communicate with the teachers of antiquity, with a divine entity, and in some cases demonic. Ending their practice is a transfer of consciousness in a new birth. They argue that when dying in full awareness, go into the Bardo and from there, making a conscious choice, or are born in a new body, or permanently stop the path of rebirth and continue their journey in the form of pure awareness to worlds beyond our comprehension.

Despite the fact that the practice of mindfulness during sleep is known in spiritual circles for quite a while, considering Lord Siva, a Millennium, Europeans, it became known quite recently, thanks to the works of Carlos Castaneda, whose description is training at the magician, an American Indian don Juan, became the undisputed flagship of this subject, and will remain so for many years. The basic idea of conscious dreaming, which in the book was named as the Art of Dreaming, was, by means of certain actions in everyday reality and in dreaming, mages develop certain aspects of themselves that are called the General name "Energy body". They argued that developed through the experiences of lucid dreaming, the Energy body is able to completely transform the essence of man into a new transcendent being, capable of overcoming death and any other restrictions spatial temporal reality in which we all reside.

Those interested can contact regarding the practices of Lucid Dreaming and Transference of Consciousness to me in the social sphere here or in a special group devoted to this subject here. There in the group You will find material from our practical classes in the form of articles, reviews and videos.

Sleep time

during sleep

Traditionally, sleep is considered the dark time of the day. People are strongly practicing the spiritual teachings of the sleep is paid from four to six hours. Yogis usually sleep between ten p.m. and two hours at night. This timing is no accident. This is due to morning and evening practices. Two hours before sunset and two hours in the morning sunrise are considered respectively the evening and morning twilight. This time is called time of the Ashwins, the divine healers, who at that time sung by Amrita (drink eliminating the death) of a deity and privetstvuyutsya their ascetics.

Some practitioners of lucid dreaming try to eliminate the habit to sleep at a certain time at night. For this, they practiced "the destruction of the order of the day" and therefore sleeping in a very unpredictable time. Of course this approach causes some contradictions with the General public, because they are forced to change your life very drastically.

However, the mastery of awareness in a dream all the same more convenient to practice at night, when weakened mental influence on the practitioner from others.

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