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"People's dream" is composed from the materials sent by our readers. You can also take part in its drafting, sending us an article about Your understanding of dream images and their connection with the events in everyday life.

To suggest an article in "the national dream"

With the development of Internet technology, we have a unique opportunity to exchange information and experience of people who are many miles away from each other. And if earlier in the books, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with the point of view of only one person, now have the opportunity to learn the opinion of many and match it with your own experience.

We offer You participation in the drafting of "people's dream" in which will prevail a direct opinion of the common man and not the opinion of an individual scientist due to the extent of his learning.

Here You can offer your own interpretation of what the meaning of the various images in the dream. You can also share his dream and his opinion about what he brought. Thus the reader will be able to make the most accurate idea of the connection between the images of the dream with the events that occur in everyday life.

We hope that the "people's dream" will provide invaluable assistance to people in understanding their nature.


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the interpretation of dreams submitted by readers of the website

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