Horoscope for October 2017

The movement of the planets in October 2017

Sunday, October, 1
Sun: was in Virgo.
Moon: was in Capricorn.
Mercury: was in Virgo direct motion.
Venus: was in Leo direct motion.
Mars: was in Leo direct motion.
Jupiter: was in Libra direct motion.
Saturn: was in Scorpio direct motion.
Rahu: was in Cancer.
Ketu: was in Capricorn.

Monday, October, 2

Tuesday, October, 3
Moon: goes into sign Aquarius.

Wednesday, October, 4

Thursday, October, 5
Moon: goes into sign Pisces.

Friday, October, 6

Saturday, October, 7
Moon: goes into sign Aries.

Sunday, October, 8

Monday, October, 9
Moon: goes into sign Taurus.

Tuesday, October, 10
Venus: goes into sign Virgo.

Wednesday, October, 11
Moon: goes into sign Gemini.

Thursday, October, 12

Friday, October, 13
Moon: goes into sign Cancer.

Saturday, October, 14
Mercury: goes into sign Libra.
Mars: goes into sign Virgo.

Sunday, October, 15

Monday, October, 16
Moon: goes into sign Leo.

Tuesday, October, 17

Wednesday, October, 18
Sun: goes into sign Libra.
Moon: goes into sign Virgo.

Thursday, October, 19

Friday, October, 20
Moon: goes into sign Libra.

Saturday, October, 21

Sunday, October, 22

Monday, October, 23
Moon: goes into sign Scorpio.

Tuesday, October, 24

Wednesday, October, 25
Moon: goes into sign Sagittarius.

Thursday, October, 26

Friday, October, 27
Saturn: goes into sign Sagittarius.

Saturday, October, 28
Moon: goes into sign Capricorn.

Sunday, October, 29

Monday, October, 30
Moon: goes into sign Aquarius.

Tuesday, October, 31

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Horoscopes made according to the system of Jyotish, are individual and are calculated on the basis of date of birth. Therefore, the upcoming event should look individual horoscope October 2017.

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