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John Lennon (9 October 1940-Liverpool, UK — 8 December 1980, new York, USA) — British rock musician, singer, poet, composer, artist, writer. One of the founders and member of the Beatles, a popular musician of the XX century. After the breakup of the Beatles began a solo career, but in 1980 was killed.

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birth chart of John Lennon

energetic Fiery planets Sun and Mars are in 1st house. It makes people active, ambitious and strong. Rahu is strong in Virgo, also occupies the 1st house, so this person has orgomnoe opportunities. The sun, Mars and Rahu - all strong by nature; because they occupy the 1st house - house of personality. This person is an influential leader. In accordance with the nature of the rising sign Virgo, he is creative, sensitive, troubled individual with the ability to communicate, with a good sense of humor and interest in all fields of knowledge. The ruler of the rising sign, mercury, is in a friendly sign in the 2nd house is influenced by Jupiter, and, more importantly, is in the 10th house from the moon.

the Moon waxes, its position corresponds to a favorable star, Uttarashadha, it occupies the 5th house, the house of glory, a house managing business entertainment. If mercury and Moon are both strong, then the person has a deep intellect and the ability to establish relationships with other people: it is good fortune connected with trade and business.

Saturn is in its debilitating sign Aries in the 8th house, the house of longevity. Mars, the fiery planet that are harmful in nature, and detrimental to those born under the sign of Virgo, influences the 8th house. Jupiter, which is detrimental to the owner of the rising sign Virgo, is in the 8th house and is a "planetary war" with the weak Saturn, as planet are in a position to close to 20. Therefore, the duration of this man's life were not significant, but death overtook him, was unnatural.

article: The birth chart of John Lennon

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