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Madonna Louise Ciccone (born. Madonna Louise Ciccone) is an American singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, writer, actress, film Director, screenwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Was born on 16 August 1958 in Bay city in the Midwestern United States. After moving to new York in 1978 for a career in the dance troupe, Madonna first became a member of rock bands, and then a successful solo performer and songwriter.

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Two naturally good planets are Moon and mercury are in 1st house. According to ancient work "Garga Hora", the man with Moon and mercury in the 1st house "will have a good speech (she is a successful singer), be rich (she's a millionaire), handsome (obviously), passionate (obviously), mild, and strongly tied to sex (this is also obvious)".

a Yoga Karaka for the rising sign of Leo is Mars. He is in his own sign Aries in a powerful 9th house. The 9th house is the house of luck is amplified. Mars influence on the Sun, which rules the rising sign. It is also affected by the Venus, control the 10th house (career). Therefore the rising sign and the 10th house strengthened the influence of Mars, apart from the fact that the combination of the 1st and 10th houses itself is a Raja yoga, a Royal combination.

Jupiter Rahu loose - a sign of the irreligious, as well as the brahminical planet Venus being in the 12th house. And the Moon and the Rising sign is the star Purvaphalguni means "Attractive person, with the ability to influence others, energetic, materialistic; capable of driving; generous; possessing good health and a bright appearance; restless, well-known, quick-tempered, passionate, clean and hard working."

She rose to fame during the main period of the moon (of public life), favorable in 1st house along with mercury is beneficial, and having dispositor is involved in a Raja yoga with Venus planet Sun.

article: The birth chart of Madonna

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