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Mahatma Gandhi

Horoscope of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi (eng. Mohandas Karamchand "Mahatma" Gandhi; 2 October 1869, Porbandar, Gujarat — January 30, 1948, new Delhi) — one of the leaders and ideologists of the movement for India's independence from Britain. His philosophy of non-violence (Satyagraha) influenced the movement of supporters of peaceful change. the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi Wikipedia

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Map of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi

In the Natal chart Gandhi's ascendant is socially oriented idealistic Libra, whence comes the desire to transform the world in accord with spiritual values. Five strong angular planets in cardinal signs dominate the map and indicate the power and effectiveness of political actions. But above them all reigns, trimming their active nature, Saturn in the second house, which tells about the self-denial and self-control, expressed, in particular, the ability of Gandhi to handle long posts.

Sun in twelfth house in Virgo indicates a selfless and virtuous nature. Gandhi mainly acted behind the scenes and never took any official position. Jupiter in the seventh house indicates sincerity and openness in personal relationships, but as the ruler of third and sixth houses reinforces reformist zeal. Moon in his monastery in the tenth house in conjunction with Rahu in the middle of the Sky gives the ability to influence the masses. Please note that Rahu and Moon are far enough from each other so that Rahu does the moon not too great harm.

The joint influence of mercury, Venus and Jupiter overcomes snotvornoe the nature of Mars and transforms it into a beneficent planet. Ascendant in Libra when combined energies of mercury, Venus and Jupiter indicates love of truth, love, clearest expression of which was created by Gandhi's movement of "Satyagraha" ("Followers of truth"). But still the ascendant in Libra inclines a person to go to extremes, and the critics do Gandhi accused him of fanaticism.

In houses built from the moon, the planets also are strong: Jupiter is here in the tenth house, driving the ninth house (Dharma), forms a Raja yoga. Planets in Libra fall in the fourth house from the moon and point to the idealistic and passionate mind: Mars rules the fifth house (mind) and Venus, the fourth (emotions), mercury is a common signification mind.

In navamsa significator "I" (Atma-Karaka) Moon is in Pisces, in a corner house from Jupiter in his monastery Sagittarius. It speaks of sattvic and pious nature, moon-Jupiter type of soul.

Great planetary period of Rahu, located in the tenth house, brought Gandhi a prominent position in society: it was at this time Gandhi led the Indian independence movement. Death had come upon him during the Dasha of Jupiter/Ketu-Jupiter in the Natal chart is in the seventh house (maraka indicator of causes of death), and Ketu by nature symbolizes the end of all processes.

David Frawley, Astrology of the seers.
article: The birth chart of Mahatma Gandhi

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