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Elvis Aaron Presley (eng. Elvis Aaron Presley 8 January 1935, Tupelo — August 16, 1977, Memphis) is an American singer and actor, one of the most commercially successful singers of popular music of the twentieth century. In America, Presley called "the king of rock-n-roll" (or simply "the king"—The King). He popularized rock and roll, although not was the first performer of this genre. Nevertheless, he combined country and Blues, giving birth to rockabilly, which marked his first recordings for Sun Records in the mid-1950s... the autobiography of Elvis Presley at Wikipedia

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Venus, the planet manages artists, is in the 10th house, the house of studies. Venus is ecstatic in the table "navamsa”. Venus is in the sign owned by Saturn and dispositor - Saturn is in its own sign. Aquarius, and is also exalted in the table "navamsa”. The possibility of Venus is strengthened by its connection with Rahu, the demonic, but powerful planet, amplifying the impact of those planets or houses that are affected. Therefore, Karaka, planet, pointing to art - Venus - mogushestvo. The fifth house represents communication and entertainment. The owner of the 5th house. The sun is in the 9th house, the house of luck. The sun increases also:

  • due to the connection with mercury, a naturally beneficial planet which is "wargolem” (which is in the same sign and in the table "Rasi" and the table "navamsa");
  • thanks to the influence of Mars, the mighty ruler of the 1st house;
  • due to the fact that it is in the 11th house counted from the moon.

In the table there is Raja yoga, as Mars, the owner of the rising signs and Jupiter, the owner of the 9th house, both affect the rising sign. The presence of a strong rising sign is essential in order to become an important person Two powerful planets in the 11th house indicate a huge impact on other people.

Venus, the ruler of the 7th house, the indicator (Karaka) sex life is in a state of "war” with the adverse planet Rahu, because the two planets are 9° Capricorn. It definitely is a symptom of sexual life and abuse their fame. Venus is the planet representing material pleasure, the use of stimulants for the sake of sense pleasures and so on, and Rahu is poisons, intoxication, and the like. Therefore, the "war” of these planets means that this person is abusing these substances and specifies related death. On life expectancy indicate hosts the 8th (death) and 12th (losses) houses influencing the rising sign; the owners of the 8th and 6th (disease) houses affect the Sun, the Karaka for the body; Mars is in the 8th house from the moon; and the owner of the rising sign, the Moon is in the 8th house in "navamsa”. Communication between the owners of 6th, 8th and 12th houses and the 1st house indicate a small or average life expectancy.

The main period of Jupiter raised this man to a position of celebrity, because Jupiter is the master of the 9th house and is in the 7th house connected with society. Since Saturn is in its own sign in 11th house, the main period of Saturn gave him wealth, but also brought death, because Saturn is by nature adverse, is an unfavorable host and affect the rising sign and the moon in the Rasi table and table Navamsa.

Tom Chopok, Vedic astrology
article: The birth chart of Elvis Presley

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