Houses of the horoscope

TANU (1st house of the horoscope)

Lagna or 1st bhava (house) represents the body (physical), appearance, intelligence, complexion, energy, weakness, joy and sorrow, innate nature. description first house

Dhana (2nd house of the horoscope)

2nd bhava (house) are estimated wealth, food, food and things like that, family, enemies, metals, precious stones and so on. description of the second home

Sahaja (3rd house of the horoscope)

3rd bhava (house) means courage, boldness, servants, nannies and helping people, brothers and sisters, initiation and consecration, travel, death of a parent. description of the third house

Bandhu (4th house of the horoscope)

4th bhava (house) points to a vehicle, relatives (mother), happiness, treasure, lands and houses. description of the fourth house

Putra (5th house of the horoscope)

On 5th God bhava (house) should be considered amulets, mantras, sacred sounds, training, education, knowledge, brilliance of intellect, sons (children), ability or skill to manage the Affairs, activities, loss provisions, and the like. description of the fifth house

Ari (6th house of the horoscope)

6th bhava (house) represents the doubt concerning the death of maternal uncle, enemies is, injuries (wounds, abscesses, ulcers, and the like), stepmother. description of the sixth house

Yuvati (7th house of the horoscope)

On the 7th bhava (house) should be considered: wife, travel, trade, something disappearing from view, the death of. description of the seventh house

Randhra (8th house of the horoscope)

8th bhava (house) should be studied to learn about longevity, fight, battle, enemies, FORTS, wealth from death, from the deceased (inheritance), knowledge of past and future lives. description of the eighth house

Dharma (9th house of the horoscope)

9th bhava (house) represents good luck, the fate, of his wife's brother, religion, brother's wife, pilgrimages and visits to places of worship and Holy places, and the like. description of the ninth house

Karma (10th house of the horoscope)

10th bhava (house) indicates the power (authority, credibility), the situation (status, position), profession (livelihood), honor, glory, prestige, respect, father, living in foreign lands and debts. description of the tenth house

Labha (11th house of the horoscope)

11th bhava (house) should be studied to learn about obtaining and acquiring various items, things and things, wife, son, income, prosperity, quadrupeds animals. description of the eleventh house

Vyaya (12th house of the horoscope)

At the 12th God bhava (house) an experienced astrologer should find out the costs, the knowledge about the enemy, his own death born and the like. description of the twelfth house

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A description of the 12 houses of the Vedic astrological system of Jyotish

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