TANU (1st house of the horoscope)

First house

The first house is associated with the "I" of the owner of the horoscope. He describes the Foundation of our expression in life and our physical appearance. In Sanskrit it is called TANur-bhava, which means "home body". The first main factor that determines our physical Constitution, it also shows our place in life in General. Because it begins with the counting of houses, it is home birth and a symbol of our origin. His defeat means that the mother of the owner of the horoscope was a difficult birth; a newborn with severely affected the first house may die in infancy. The first house defines our innate physical vitality. The weakness of the first house is the main indicator of poor health.

The sun shows who we are, describing the basics of our character, our personality. The moon describes our relationship with other people and determines how we manifest the "I" on a collective level, in relations with friends and family. And the first house and the ascendant allows us to understand how we appear in public, what was the total initial impression we make on the world as a whole. Thus, the ascendant determines the entire structure of our external manifestations in terms of personality and physical body. The negative aspects to the first house give rise to mental disorders and physical ailments.

That the person has made significant achievements in life, it is necessary that the first house and its ruler was strong enough. Strong first house supports us in all the actions (especially those related to careers, professional calling and Dharma in General), because on it rests our consciousness. Like the tenth house, he is associated with such topics as personal integrity, honor, fame and public recognition.

The house is associated with the first house, identify the main areas of manifestation of our personality in the outside world. The connection of the first house from the ninth points to a high morality or spirituality, with the sixth or eighth of the disease, the second or eleventh in wealth, and so on, in accordance with the nature of the houses. Through the first house of energy the planets receive access to our "I" and become a part of our lives. The ascendant is a common significator the owner of the horoscope itself. It is a tool through which we manifest the "I" in the external world. This is the most important factor, the strength or weakness of which depends primarily on the interpretation of entire horoscope.

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the connection of the first house with the aspects of human life in astrology Jyotish

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